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  1. i guess if i didnt know homie and he got my art on his back that big, id be weirded out.
  2. it's fine. would you let her sleep on a dudes couch? like if she needed a ride to the airport hella early or got too drunk?
  3. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed hi.
  4. it took me 4 hours to make 3 different kinds.
  5. this shit is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooooooooooood also bought:
  6. i honestly could give two shits about the non profit...but awareness is what its all about (for me). there are plenty of people that don't know what's going on in the world. he is right about one thing at least...and that's making it more well known to help make it stop. there's bad people all over the world. some that we know about, some that we don't. but when people take kids, tear families apart, turn them into solders, sex slaves, and terrorists, it's time to find a solution to end it. just my 2 cents. shit sucks.
  7. Re: kony 2012 1908...
  8. Re: kony 2012 totally.... "you think you toufff"
  9. Re: kony 2012 um....tits?
  10. Re: kony 2012 I don't get it? I saw something I thought needed to be shared...so I posted it on my Facebook..... am i doing it right?
  11. Re: kony 2012 yeah, getting the word out is good. donating is another issue.
  12. tuscan style minestrone with chicken meatballs and caprese salad
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