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  1. the stuff i tried from prague got me so fucked up and sick, i can never drink absinthe again. :yuck:
  2. Monks release rare beer http://www.npr.org/blogs/thesalt/2012/12/12/166987378/a-sign-from-above-needing-new-roof-monks-sell-rare-beer-in-u-s
  3. First stick n pokes: 15 - hearts on my fingers and one for the sf band hickey on the side of my lip. Got them all redone with a gun when I was 17. I sticked n poked Lily. Diamond on her arm. It's cute.
  4. Lowest of the low. Hilarious.
  5. if she's still friends with your mom....you could hit it.
  6. Looks fine to me! Edit: oh. I see it now. Yikes.
  7. Exercise! Breathing techniques. Eat super healthy food.
  8. We've heard this story before. Sorry man. Hope you find a good girl when you get back. Fuck that ho.
  9. Agreed. But all those folks in my life who are trams or "pan" or whatever don't make it a big deal. They are who they are and don't need to flaunt it. There's also folks who are just super unsure of who they are and have major issues identifying. I could understand that. Fun fact: my good friend who identifies as man had a baby. Most confusing conversation ever.
  10. nah. just dont know many people from there/pass through there because it's fucking terrible (besides the hiking and canyon) and it's only 25 mins away from Oakland/SF. I'm in another sweet tale. but thanks.
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