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  1. Homegirl lost a lot of weight. Yoga and shit.
  2. Wallets: keep gift cards and cash. Send everything else to their ID address.
  3. Man escaped from the back of a cop van while being transported to the hospital from the downtown Oakland jail. Trying to find the article.. Anyways, OPD can barely do anything right. It's embarrassing.
  4. I think thick or even chunky girls can be attractive...but hugeeeee large women (and men) really gross me out. what would be the cut off?
  5. left over halloween candy: a tiny twix.
  6. Karrot used to be my nick name.
  7. I actually try to concentrate on my breathing so I probably look like a fool
  8. Gotta admit, not attracted to bigger girls. So I am curious... What's the appeal?
  9. trash whole page minus the girl with the cat poster
  10. like xiu xiu? I'm more of a Microphones person. The blow rules too.
  11. this shit works. i know someone who used to get really bad sinus infections all the time. they started using the netti pot every day and hasn't had once since. i swear by these things!
  12. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! and whoopi goldberg lips!
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