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  1. prepping lamb shoulder and rosemary. chop rosemary and garlic (yes that is a slap chop....bitches) rub olive oil on lamb. coat with garlic/rosemary mix yogurt + dill + salt + pepper + thyme boiled marbled potatoes. place in bowl with butter, salt, and pepper garlic rosemary crusted lamb shoulder. buttered marble potatoes. and chili swiss chard.
  2. rosemary garlic crusted lamb. yogurt dill sauce. buttered marble potatoes. chili pepper swiss chard.
  3. UGH. That's fucking disgusto. I hate that shit. I had a friend back in high school who is all into that shit now. She has like 4 dogs. I don't talk to her anymore. It makes me sad. I guess it's more popular then we think.
  4. when a girl is smiley, she's probably a flirt. flirty girls don't see flirting as a problem, even if they are taken. boys who flirt are obvious. when dudes flirt too hard, girls get disinterested. if a girl calls you a flirt and giggles, she probably wants it... ..in the butt.
  5. The double dow SOUNDS good but was the worst thing I've ever eaten. I bet it would be better if home made. And also, no foie in this one.
  6. paella i made homemade Bun ba Hue birria
  7. ::also seen in post your meals thread:: Butternut Squash Raviolis with a brown butter sage sauce and crispy pancetta: 1. Cut butternut squash in half. Take all the seeds out like a pumpkin Roast Butternut squash (that has been oiled - i used the spray oil) for 45 minutes at 375 degrees. 2. Take the insides of the now squishy squash and blend with 2 tbs heavy cream, sautéed onions and sage, salt and pepper. Blend until a puree. Set aside 3. Crisp up your pancetta and save for later. I cut it before i fried it, then left it on a paper towel. regular bacon will do just fine...just don't over do it! 4. make your pasta dough! I used 1 and 1/2 cup semonlia flour, 2 eggs, 2 tbs of olive oil, 2 tbs of water, and a generous pinch of salt. mix that for 10 minutes in a mixer (or kneed with your palms using a rolling motion...and yes, for ten minutes). then let it set in a bowl with a towel over it for 20 minutes (this lets the gluten rest). 5. then i sprinkled some semonlia flour on a dry surface and rolled out the dough. i have a nifty pasta roller (they're expensive so i bought mine at a second thrift store for $25). i used the 1st setting then the 3rd to make it thinner. but you can just roll it out really thin with a pin. 6. cut the thin dough in half. fill the butternut squash puree about every inch and a half. beat 1 egg and a tbs of water to create a wash. in between the puree, make a box with the wash using a brush or spoon. put the other half of the dough on top. cut the squares out that are in-between the puree dollops. 7. boil in hot water for 5-7 minutes BUT NO MORE OR YOUR RAVS WILL LEAK OUT. ew. 8. Put a half stick of butter in a large hot pan. stir consistently. add chopped sage. wait until it browns. add a half cup of heavy cream. stir until thick. 9. strain your raviolis and plate when dry. add sauce and pancetta. Mangia!
  8. I've gotten some pretty cool things from the oontz. Mostly from them in real life...But all I'm saying is that I'd rather send something to someone in here that might have something to trade that i actually like, then a total fucking stranger. Plus, if we go through Paypal there is trail (if it's a money exchange). I sent some dude $100 worth of beer and he sent me $100 of stuff from his work. 5 sent me hella products from his work too. I helped him get an email from corporate for his job...yada yada. I'm not saying send me your black book and I'll send you pedobear stickers (although that worked well too...it's on my car for sure). I'm saying, ya'll wanna buy/trade my break cable? Shit might work out. Might not. I thought I'd try. I really wanna get rid of my cab though.
  9. i made butternut squash raviolis: bonus NYE:
  10. @ soup: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zij45DmtZiU
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