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  1. if illuminati leaves a cookie or a cigarette on your bunk, don't eat or smoke that shit. give it back. you don't want to owe that fool.
  2. I miss your crazy ass stories that you used to post a long time ago.
  3. Dose, dog. Beggin' ass nilla. http://www.btvguide.com/
  4. Mero's David Blaine story is full of win.
  5. I thought the original plan was to migrate this forum into a new forum? It's been too long since I've been "in the loop" in that other place. I think Mark Ecko probably has the funds to make improvements to this forum in his front pocket.
  6. This sums it up nicely, Shai. I feel more let down than anything. I love this place and am grateful to Raven and crew for all that they have done, all the great people I've met due to 12oz, and the learning experiences. To come back after giving up on being able to log in after over a year and see the site even more busted than when I left is just sad. It's like they gave up on something that could have been so much more. Raven's plans for this place had me excited and I was genuinely happy to play a small role in making that happen for a site that I love. I completely agree about archiving this forum and rolling out the new and improved forum. That would have been a better choice even though I understand them wanting to keep this one and try to fix shit...so much history here.
  7. You know as well as I do that work was put in to get ad dollars for the sole purpose of expanding and making better. I would be understanding of a few months, but more than a year has gone by and now it seems like "why is this even here?". I know Raven did care at one time, had big dreams and bigger hopes for this place, as did all of us. Now it just seems like the baby died and all that's left is a broken forum. In their defense, there is a sticky from Raven talking about how they hired a new guy to fix/implement things, but there was a guy named Wanga who fixed it. I'm just pissed because they let more than half the members go because the site (forum side) is broken and has been broken for a long ass time. I have an account that I've been trying to log in with for over a year.
  8. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed Goddamn right it is.
  9. I'll tell you what the real problem is. The real problem is promises over 2 years old, people in the background putting in work expecting those promises to be fulfilled only one day you open up your favorite forum and it's fucking broken like a trap house. It's a let down to those who worked for free to get that site advertising dollars by begging members to "click the ads, support the site you love". No offense to Raven and crew, but goddammit, you let your baby turn into a broken machine. This was the number one site on the internet for graffiti. Hits, content, all that.
  10. Hey mod who changed the title to the thread, you're part of the problem.
  11. I picked up a kettlebell last week. It's a nice change from the normal lifts and damn does it make you feel it. monkey army for life.
  12. Please expand on some of those stories of you and your homeboy getting into trouble.
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