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  1. i never had a twinkie... i had ding dongs though. *hehe*
  2. 50million


    I hear Tel Aviv is nice...
  3. No one uses a computer anymore. Duh.
  4. Grocery store? McDonald's? Liquor store? Bar? Get a job?
  5. I'm tired of these threads of broken up stories, piece by piece. Whateverbr0
  6. Barf. I like bacon pizza with ranch but that's just my inner white fat kid
  7. Lily is moving there. Gonna visit and smoke weeeeeeed. But I guess Oakland isn't much different.
  8. Kate bush had a song about this. Must be real.
  9. Re: Officer Held in Plot to Cook 4 Women and Eat Them maybe he was writing the men's version of 50 shades of grey. No biggie.
  10. fucking take out the trash to Caliugla's house.
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