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  1. there is a dessert making contest at work.....the prize? a $300 juicer. gonna win and sell that shit on ebay.
  2. portland april 4th - 8th. spain/portugal/france may - june hawaii maybe next year oner?
  3. I'm also Portland Bound in April....what should I do? What should I eat?
  4. not a great pic but... this lovely sunday i made a delicious dinner. slow cooked ox-tail stew, porchini and truffled risotto, and kale caesar salad with homemade croutons and dressing. prep
  5. anyone see this digesting shit from quizno's?
  6. Ira Glass..................... hulk smash
  7. church and state is good. animal is good.
  8. whatcha wanna do here? its cold.
  9. uni scallops Cauliflower Agnolotti curry cream, hazelnuts, chives Smoked Rabbit Salad white beans, shallot, carrot- orange puree, herbs Citrus Braised Lamb Shoulder mustard greens, olive- walnut seca, yogurt Apple & Pear Fritters citrus, ice cream, mint, fennel pollen
  10. WHAT?! Why the fuck not? :confused: That's fucked up.
  11. I have a pink bike.........I also have her on my desktop :D
  12. CAN YOU KEEP THE ELEPHANT STATUE?!??!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that's the real question.
  13. I did't get the banana flavor. It's def a deep bitter taste. It was almost heavy. But it was good. Not overly creamy. The evil cousin was so much better
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