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  1. So I have decided to leave the bay and try a new adventure. Getting hitched and moving to Austin. Trying to get Lily to come with. Any advice for a California girl moving to Austin? Any places worth checking out? Any random ass towns to drive to for thirfting/antiquing/breweries/shows/food? Totally down for weekend road strips, hiking, beaches/surfing (which beaches on the gulf are the best?), finding new taco spots, etc... And yes, P. Terry's IS better than In-n-Out.
  2. SuperBOWL POT luck munchies: Polenta "Pizza" with sheep's milk truffled cheese, ricotta, and veggies: Cheese sale at Whole Foods = Cioppino:
  3. her body looks like a young trans boy.
  4. The burgers are less than $4. Whataburger tasted like plastic.
  5. Horseryder69 Rodeodaddio Roundupready
  6. :D His restaurant in LA is yummy too. I love hot jewish boys that cook with pork.
  7. Not sure if it would be better to get land in CA or TX.
  8. Going to learn how to shoot guns properly and safely.
  9. I made Chilequiles and Tonkotsu Ramen for R@ndom. Different days, of course.
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