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  1. The reggae scene does seem to operate different imo. I'm friends with a couple local reggae bands that have played with those guys and from what i've heard them say about those dudes is that they are the real deal. There is a new wave coming in reggae and it's getting stronger with bands like SOJA, Iration, Fortunate Youth, The Approach, Mighty High, Ethan Tucker, Seedless, Natural Vibrations...etc. The roots of reggae are really coming out in these groups and it's invigorating to hear fresh music like this. It's the fan base that blasted them to number 1. They do alot of self-promoting as do most reggae bands and it's because their music is so sick that they've achieved that spot. I say well deserved.
  2. False. I am a bustinessman. Tpbm has tits or get the fuck out.
  3. Dear Federal Government, You can only govern those that consent to being governed. Good luck. I gotta gun too.
  4. Don't know if you've all heard the new Fortunate Youth album, but it's hit #1 on the Reggae Billboard charts. I really dig them, you might too.
  6. Nah man, it wouldn't be the same. Not that I'm making argyle socks a big deal but you never know that shit could change my life. It would rob the experience of something if I were to ever need to have argyle socks. If I don't need it, I don't want it. Keep life simple.
  7. @Cool_Hand no, not new. I've been around a couple of years. I hadn't seen anyone else make a thread about the subject so I went all in. @CrocodileTears you ever been married? This may eventually turn into the "what are you thankful for" thread and that was mainly what kind of responses I was hoping to get from people. Some great ones so far. @publicenemyno.3 i've always wanted to own a pair of argyle socks, never had the occasion to possess them. @Realism, no I didn't know the man personally, but from a standpoint of someone who loves to paint then yeah I feel for the loss in the community, no reason why we all can't share that burden whether we knew Sean or not.
  8. I got a new flannel and some sweatpants. No joke. Whatever tho, I'm grateful. They were from my wife. So before you hate, I bet half ya'll don't even have a wife. WUTUP.THANKGOD.CHRISTMAS2012. Let's get humble. Share what you got. Leave any hate outta here. Positive vibes ONLY. Especially since NEKST just passed. Pay homage. RIP OH AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS.
  9. CURE FOR CANCER. http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Cure-For-Cancer---Hemp-Oil&id=2216524
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