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    Here's a few.
  2. skeoh87


    Apothic Red.
  3. skeoh87

    The Reggae Thread

    The reggae scene does seem to operate different imo. I'm friends with a couple local reggae bands that have played with those guys and from what i've heard them say about those dudes is that they are the real deal. There is a new wave coming in reggae and it's getting stronger with bands like SOJA, Iration, Fortunate Youth, The Approach, Mighty High, Ethan Tucker, Seedless, Natural Vibrations...etc. The roots of reggae are really coming out in these groups and it's invigorating to hear fresh music like this. It's the fan base that blasted them to number 1. They do alot of self-promoting as do most reggae bands and it's because their music is so sick that they've achieved that spot. I say well deserved.
  4. skeoh87

    GAME: True or False

    False. I am a bustinessman. Tpbm has tits or get the fuck out.
  5. skeoh87

    What are you doing RIGHT NOW.

  6. skeoh87

    Dear ________,

    Dear Federal Government, You can only govern those that consent to being governed. Good luck. I gotta gun too.
  7. skeoh87


    You make my buds bulge.
  8. skeoh87

    The Reggae Thread

    Don't know if you've all heard the new Fortunate Youth album, but it's hit #1 on the Reggae Billboard charts. I really dig them, you might too.
  9. I got a new flannel and some sweatpants. No joke. Whatever tho, I'm grateful. They were from my wife. So before you hate, I bet half ya'll don't even have a wife. WUTUP.THANKGOD.CHRISTMAS2012. Let's get humble. Share what you got. Leave any hate outta here. Positive vibes ONLY. Especially since NEKST just passed. Pay homage. RIP OH AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS.
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  11. skeoh87


    Nah man, it wouldn't be the same. Not that I'm making argyle socks a big deal but you never know that shit could change my life. It would rob the experience of something if I were to ever need to have argyle socks. If I don't need it, I don't want it. Keep life simple.
  12. skeoh87


    @Cool_Hand no, not new. I've been around a couple of years. I hadn't seen anyone else make a thread about the subject so I went all in. @CrocodileTears you ever been married? This may eventually turn into the "what are you thankful for" thread and that was mainly what kind of responses I was hoping to get from people. Some great ones so far. @publicenemyno.3 i've always wanted to own a pair of argyle socks, never had the occasion to possess them. @Realism, no I didn't know the man personally, but from a standpoint of someone who loves to paint then yeah I feel for the loss in the community, no reason why we all can't share that burden whether we knew Sean or not.
  13. skeoh87

    Joint WholeCars & E2Es

    CURE FOR CANCER. http://ezinearticles.com/?The-Cure-For-Cancer---Hemp-Oil&id=2216524
  14. skeoh87

    Canvas Thread

  15. Saw two of them just chatting it up in my kitchen a few nights ago like they were part of the fam. Any suggestions on whats's best to bait these fuckers? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  16. Saw two of them just chatting it up in my kitchen a few nights ago like they were part of the fam. Any suggestions on whats's best to bait these fuckers? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  17. skeoh87

    How do i get rid of these motherfucking mice?

    I wanted to delete this one. I meant to correct the typo in the title but it ended up making another thread. FREE POST!
  18. skeoh87

    How do i get rid of this motherfucking mice?

    i'll try what you said ...hype. Any suggestion on what would attract them most? I've used peanut butter (hardly ever works), marshmellows (killed one with that). I want some mice-nip or some shit to get them all to come out.
  19. Gypsyone MSK. Apparently Norm's beezy. Here's her tumblr. http://gypsyone.tumblr.com/post/11667472305/norm-msk-awr Go to archives.
  20. skeoh87

    CA- Pot clubs facing shutdown by feds

    There doesn't need to be any money given to anyone to advocate for cannabis. You just need to speak up. You don't want people that only do it for the money or doing it because they got bought out. That's shady and a continuation of the corrupt cycle we are already in. You think MLK got paid to say what he did about freedom? Hell no. He spoke on principle and that's all he needed. @Eviltrailer you'll never get anywhere if you keep thinking that what's true and right doesn't matter, you'll end up burning like the rest of those cloudy headed motherfuckers that make rules that you and I and everyone else have to live by because they got paid to say yes or no. We don't need people like that. A great man once said "You can't stop an idea whose time has come." Its about time people speak the fuck up about what's right and wrong. If you stay mute about it then you aren't doing anything to change what's wrong with this country if not for everyone else, do it for yourself. There's blowback with manipulating people to think that it was their own ideas in the first place. You think that once they figure out they got played they won't be doing anything to fuck shit up more? Wrong. People are vindictive as fuck and they'll stomp all over your ass for pulling their shirts over their head. Honesty is the best policy. People play themselves and you come out scott clean. That's all I gotta say about that.
  21. skeoh87

    CA- Pot clubs facing shutdown by feds

    I'm assuming the "clubs" you are talking about are local dispensaries. If that's the case then there isn't or shouldn't be any kind of "backdoor business." If there is then that's a problem and that club is ruining the reputation that countless other clubs have fought to preserve. The dispensaries that I frequent are legit businesses. @ Eviltrailer27, i'd say your perception of the one's that are doing it right is wrong. There are countless advertised dispensaries that are obvious to the public. It's pretty well known who dispenses medical cannabis. The stigma about cannabis is what needs to go and you aren't helping the cause by saying those that you wouldn't suspect of being a dispensary are the ones getting it right. Joe Blow is just being a bitch ass pussy because he doesn't like or support cannabis. So in essence, he's stepping on the freedom of others by bitching and complaining about something that isn't hurting his business and if he isn't getting business then that's not his fault and it's not the dispensaries fault, it's the people that flocked to his business in the first place and now they aren't because they have a false impression about cannabis. It's the mindset people have about cannabis that cause all the drama and all of these problems. If it weren't for the government shoving reefer madness down peoples throats for the last 50 years, this wouldn't be a problem and we all would exist together in a free society. Do your own research about cannabis. Look up the facts for yourself about how it increases the quality of peoples lives. How the neighbors perceive them is their own problem. It's not the dispensaries that create these conflicts.
  22. skeoh87

    CA- Pot clubs facing shutdown by feds

    If you've signed the petitions to legalize cannabis you are fucking dumb for not doing your research about it before you signed. The movement to legalize cannabis means that you can no longer as a mmc holder grow your own buds. Legalizing cannabis would make this illegal because the state would now run dispensaries and pot farms. No more co-ops, the quality of the bud would be put under testing to reduce the thc content. CBD would be turned into pharmaceuticals. The police can pull you over for suspected intoxication from cannabis and test you on the spot. The levels that would incriminate you would be reduced to allow federal, state and county police to jail you even though you didn't use cannabis that day. So if you medicated the night before you could be taken into custody because of the thc still roaming around in your body. The whole legalization movement would put current dispensaries out of business or turn them into state regulated clinics that get taxed out the ass. Not to mention a doctors prescription would still be needed. And those doctors that do validate you as a mmc patient would be required to undergo state and federal authentication debilitating their freedom to diagnose and prescribe cannabis as a medicine.