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  1. Can you double check your calls. I think we may have a mix up.
  2. Miss Nothing else on your board been destroyed?
  3. @Schnitzelis tits up good and tits down bad?
  4. LUGR

    Toys post here...

    @Ray40 did you get blamed for washing the dog wrong again?
  5. @KILZ FILLZ I am ready. You shoot first.
  6. @KILZ FILLZ Sure. I’ll get my square ready tonight. @Ko SprueOne
  7. @Inappropriate_Respondergrew one from a top and posted pics years ago.
  8. @Ray40This is going to sound extremely boring, but all you really need is a silver and a black Uni Paint PX-30 (actually, lots of them). For some added variety, get some Pilot medium bullet and chisel tips, Pentel Presto pens and Sakuras or Meanstreaks. Focus on perfecting your hand with the smaller tip markers. Avoid gold markers and obsessing over drips. I know all the fancy brand names sound great, not sure what any of these cost, but run the numbers. How many Uni’s, Pilots, Prestos and streaks can your parents buy you for the price of the industry brand name items you listed? Don’t get a marker belt bag.
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