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  1. Thank you for spreading the good word! You’ve got the juice now.
  2. First time I ate raw oysters as a kid I had that reaction. I didn’t barf, but made a big scene at the oyster bar whining that I was going to throw up. I can easily eat 2 dozen these days.
  3. LUGR


    Is it legit? I don’t believe anything I see on the internet. Not much blood for the amount of holes that guy should have in him after that amount of pokes.
  4. You have got to have that fluid yolk to bring out the true essence of the flavor spectrum within the meal.
  5. I read that as handmade walnut bread.
  6. The Swampfightoner vs Pony Tony fight bill that fivefingermiscount created was classic. Anybody else remember that? Fivefinger was definitely the illest 12oz member I had the privilege of meeting in real life. @Schnitzel knows what I mean.
  7. Seen this today and it reminded me of @BOATS N' HOES @KILZ FILLZ
  8. Throw some Brazilian Pepper in the mix too.
  9. Unfortunately, he passed away a few years ago. RIP @SwampFightOner
  10. This dude must have gotten banned from FB again for bringing tha ruckus.
  11. I hope you include this one in this year’s Christmas letter, put it on the fridge and frame it up for the fireplace mantle. 1 Sik Family 1SF Crew 4 Lyfe
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