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Everything posted by LUGR

  1. shits vast. and wild. and kool.
  2. Ralphy Wiping with bidet spray vs Ralphy Wiping with TP
  3. Chat GPT posting this post.
  4. What accent is that?
  5. ^one on bottom right looks like holding an RPG.
  6. Just pulled this glizzy out of the depths of the fridge. Looking deadly….who is guzzlin?
  7. Talib Kweli sounded like an entirely different person live compared to recording.
  8. That’s that new Brazilian shart porn.
  9. ^ That reminds me of @Dark_Knight
  10. Stances at 150 percent of shoulder width have far more advantages over the traditional stance when using a bidet.
  11. I smell a photo thread….or some solid days in pies. Yeah, you’re not playing tennis.
  12. @MOOGLE?you rock with the Jugs Mafia? Im just getting into them, pretty tight.
  13. Maybe Chanticleer hacked his account? Swordfish steaks.
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