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Everything posted by LUGR

  1. Definitely paint a wild style burner on your stairs.
  2. Show us what the set up looks like. Is it the same stair case you were asking for paint suggestions around a few months ago?
  3. Those stair stickers would be very chin rock if you could get them in tribal designs.
  4. Well then, you should have a robust immune system.
  5. Amaxing! Thanks for sharing. You are definitely living La vida loco Look at their choice of denim! So funny.
  6. But, what if the ejaculator is taking Ejaculoid to increase volume of ejaculate?
  7. You have had Covid 3 times?! You licking door knobs?
  8. Sounds like you should get a tattoo.
  9. Dope Crocs! of course he rocks a shirt with his own name on it…
  10. ^Don’t let any crybabies hate for the repost. Shits tight. I see your vibes.
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