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  1. Probably should not of consumed so much acid back in the day.
  2. I have zero issue drinking warm beer. You need to check yourself back to the Ohio thread if you aren’t bringing any quality.
  3. I thought that’s how you unleash the giant bowling ball that crushes everything in its path?
  4. Cocaine and climbing trees is what I imagine life is like out there. Sadly, I have never been either.
  5. You definitely don’t want Cope 2 posting here.
  6. That’s strange. Never heard of anything like that before.
  7. Yeah, your shit would actually look good if you started it with a Stussy S and finished with your special K.
  8. No clout chasing bruh. That’s just what I was vibing to earlier and wanted to let y’all know how I was getting down today.
  9. LUGR

    Current View

    Which one did you buy?
  10. Go to bed in rock climbing shoes…..? why?
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