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  1. LUGR


    He is probably thinking long and hard about how he ended up in this predickament.
  2. I remember hearing that you signed a contract to be in "The Nize Guys".
  3. your dog is very happy your cat is pissed
  4. You still down with the Nize Guys @Port-a-John Enthusiast?
  5. Swing Kids already been posted in here.
  6. Last time I post anything related to Chicago... @iloveboxcarsyou are up.
  7. Post one @the_goochthis is 2020. @NightmareOnElmStreethad his chance back in 2019.
  8. @Drue_Downwhat is the Big Trouble in Little China Board?
  9. @NightmareOnElmStreet you are up again.
  10. I look forward to this thread. Knowing your plant material is like a fun identification game once you start to recognize them in your day to day life. Makes you look at everything closer and become much more aware of your surroundings.@Inappropriate_Responderwould be a great contributor.
  11. LUGR


    ^A couple of @jugzerclassics he shared. RIP
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