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  1. This is about people who are still in training to use guns. They are more likely to accidentally discharge the firearm and injure or kill somebody. Fully trained individuals almost never do that. Some times y’all are really freaking dense.
  2. Would people do stupid shit like this if social media did not exist?
  3. I think they show their other holes on OF.
  4. I don’t even know how I stumbled on these, but there is a bunch of these chicks. I’ll keep doing research and report back.
  5. LUGR


    That is legit of your girl to take it seriously considering she did not know you in your drinking days.
  6. Breakfast… Tiny glizzard gang stand up.
  7. That’s even too complex for AI… What site are you using?
  8. hahaha I watched one video and now my feed is flooded with a bunch of different “models”. My feed now is 99% Slip Knot, Chin Rock and wannabe lingerie “models”. 2023 is vast!
  9. LUGR

    Current View

    lol….me too. Otherwise I think he on the wrong side of the line.
  10. Watched this for the first time. Not much to it, definitely entertaining though.
  11. around here the dudes prefer wearing perfumes
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