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  1. offspring--smash nobody can step to that.
  2. fuck that. i prefer my 30 round magazines.
  3. Fist 666


    /\/\haha. "tour de swedish erotica" ask questions because a second opinion never hurts. sure, if he buys a helmet it will probably be from a bike shop and depending where he's at he might end up at some "bicycle village" or "performance" getting helped by shitbags, so atleast he can walk in with a base knowledge or a recommendation (or advice against a certain company, accordingly). i haven't owned a helmet in a few years, but due to "job regulations" i have to ride with one now. i've had bells and giros and been happy. i'm buying a new one this weekend.
  4. its hella earlier than usual, but 2330 is still kind of late for a 0600 wake up, wouldn't you agree? (goodnight ch-zizzle)
  5. damn. dropping winners today. casey jones. i'm not "nailed to the x" anymore as it were... but i still love that band. my straight edge friends don't understand why i sing along to their cds. cigarettes killed my father. and raped my mother. over my dead body--no runners
  6. four thousand and FIRSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!1 jk lolz is that still bannable? edit. shit. i got 4002nd anyways. has anyone seen "dead men don't wear plaid?"
  7. i'm not real worried about hell. that whole "not existing thing" but if it did... michael moore in charge of me.
  8. i appreciate, don't get me wrong, just a comical walk down memory lane as it were.
  9. the point is more women should have had abortions in the early and mid 90s.
  10. sure, we've all got regrets, but we kept our dignity about it.
  11. undying--the whispered lies of angels.
  12. fact: oh god. yes i want to kill. stupid deployment date being too far away... fact: i'll settle for masturbation, followed by (a good handwashing, and then) a simple dinner.
  13. i got an idea for a movie, and it goes like this. check it out its about a boy who gets his finger caught in a bottle of mr pibb. and they go on adventures, i think it could be big IS IT TOO SOON TO WHISPER"OSCAR?"
  14. factoid: i'm going to watch 300 now. i shall return later.
  15. fact: you have striped stockings. fact: i enjoy stalking.
  16. thunk is the noise you hear when a bat is cracked against your head, word?
  17. after checking my current line up, i'm not sure you're my friend anymore... too many different names with unrelated pictures.... fact: upright ape (myspace...) fact: i've been on channel zero longer than i'd like to admit to
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