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  1. damn. well i wish we'd met up when i lived there and rolled on some hoes. other than the one i mentioned above i got told off by all them girls...
  2. i thought no homo came about as a means to avoid the "homo tendencies" thread... like a ward to protect yourself from being quoted as gay for saying something like "i prefer dark meat."/no homo
  3. up here around tacoma/seattle there is this "anne's free ride" program, i haven't used it yet but i guess its a free cab voucher to inhibit/prevent drunk driving. pretty cool
  4. wisdom teeth. my world was a complete black hole for like a week after the surgery, all 4 had been compacted and had to be cut into pieces to be taken out. it was awful. good luck though
  5. bikes comic books classic literature smut good art (ha?) v7s and up (climbing) m-4 carbine rifles friends and family cheez its music
  6. oh come on darling, you've yet to provide an example of where i was shown to be wrong. don't argue on the internet if you can't handle it. ha.
  7. Street by street. Block by block. Taking it all back. The youth's immersed in poison--turn the tide counterattack. Violence against violence, let the roundups begin. A firestorm to purify the bane that society drowns in. No mercy, no exceptions, a declaration of total war. The innocents' defense is the reason it's waged for. Born addicted, beaten and neglected. Families torn apart, detroyed and abandoned. Children sell their bodies, from their high they fall to drown. Demons crazed by greed cut bystanders down. A chemically tainted welfare generation. Absolute complete moral degeneration. Born addicted, beaten and neglected. Families torn apart, detroyed and abandoned. Children sell their bodies, from their high they fall to drown. Demons crazed by greed cut bystanders down. Corrupt politicans, corrupt enforcement, drug lords and dealers; all must fall. The helpless are crying out. We have risen to their call. A firestorm to purify. lololololololol
  8. yeah. unfortunately there is a lot of sheisty shit going on in that aspect. i cannot compliment the military or government for their behavior regarding injured veterans. it is a travesty. but... while i'm here and not in the sandbox (with no injuries) i am set...
  9. if you're truly worried about your insurance and health care then join the military, shit is totally free. dental. vision. the works...
  10. i agree with you. physical fitness and wealth and education do not mean "fittest" in our society. the lower/middle classes do tend to have larger families and perhaps their genes will last longer, but being social creatures where and to what extent do we place value on quality of life (not just materials) ? consciousness has eliminated instinctual tendencies. with reason and then culture we stepped away from being simply animals. i don't want to be the one to pass judgment as god and say that the poor will die. i'm not going to claim that my theories on life are wholly established or even completely rational. i'm misanthropic and pissed about it... at this stage in this discussion i'm no longer arguing/preaching my thoughts, these are less established areas of my thinking/mindset. its as much questions and throwing out ideas...
  11. sorry. i should have clarified. i don't believe eastern medicine is the be all/end all. chemo saved my mother and others in my extended family. there should be something within our system that can accommodate more extreme cases. i'll not argue otherwise, its unfortunate that so many suffer because of a lack of funds. this is a whole different conversation but its where my standpoint is (let the hate flow...) we are animals. we've evolved minds and birthed society and compassion. but at our simplest the very basic rule of survival of the fittest should still apply. (tragically with our society fittest has come, often, to mean wealthiest). i'm not trying to come across as heartless or show a stern no-compassion face, it just needs to be admitted that not everyone is meant to live a long healthy life. heartache will always exist. as will pain and death. modern science has created alibis and go-passes to much of what nature and chaos dish upon our species, but we cannot eliminate the "god" factor that we ARE not in control... back to work.
  12. you've no sense of wit, huh? no ability to laugh whatsoever... no post has completely put me down or made me "retarded" (shouldn't you be PC hippie?). russel's and serum's examples of obstacles within the current system push both for socialized health care or revamping of our current system. this wasn't that serious of a conversation to begin with and your thong is so far up your ass you've lost the point. i wasn't here to argue for or against any health issues. this argument was about how can moore improve himself and technique to have his films be more effective in reaching/moving people and "turning the tide." seriously though D A 1er, show me where my argument's been crushed and i've lost and i'll stop, otherwise you ought to live because you're arguing from the heart (butt hurt heart) not mind. you haven't "proved" shit and thank you crooked for the thought on attacking the messenger. its applicable to both myself and those arguing against me.
  13. serum yeah, its one of those things that maybe its too far to revamp. starting from the ground up is impossible at this point. its been as this for far too long and its not going to change with a few bills and mandates. i don't know. i don't know what to offer as solution, its really all fucked... as far as profit and meds... there has to be some. thats what we're driven by in today's society (not that its right, just fact...). the degree of inflation that is inarguably extreme, it'll take some good hearted biochemists and their investors to change that... also i think there are alot of philanthropists who lose family to this or that disease who make donations to research to keep it going. esp. cancer, aids, and Alzheimer's. so thats a small difference thats being made there... i'm going to bed.
  14. i call every democrat, socialist, or liberal a punk rocker. don't take it personally, or do. did you just threaten me over the internet guy? aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahhaahaha. yes, more than shitbags go to the hospital and need medical attention. western medicine can help a plethora of legitimate ailments. and it wouldn't hurt for those to be treated in an affordable fashion. i'd bet a solid percentage of hospital visits could be eliminated through (time machines could save us all) eating healthy and living right. the health care system is fucked, i'll not question that for a minute, but this isn't crossfire fucker, get back to why i should support moore's technique. sweetheart, go ahead and assault a soldier because he's capable of arguing and you're not.
  15. good thoughts serum. i'm not convinced that social health care is the solution to the cost of primi twins, though. the reason the cost is so high is because of doctors' wages and inflated costs on everything hospital related. its the health industry that needs to be changed, eliminate the greed factor that is so prevalent. once these people work for reasonable wages then health care will be far more affordable. (the elevated cost of rx name brand drugs is another story...) thats my take...
  16. this is a crossfire conversation. americans have a complete dependency on prescription drugs and live as hypochondriacs. the only reason socialized healthcare is even to be considered is because the fact that the drug companies (who sponsor cnn, ha) promote that dependency and fear to the american people. the urgent need for health care is because of ludicrous diseases and disorders/or by people that have fucked their bodies up by consuming garbage their whole lives (and taking pills with unknown side effects...). free us from that--give us an eastern method of medicine and we'll eliminate the majority of hospital visits. if people live their whole lives not giving a shit about their bodies and then die, its on them not their HMO. fuck 'em, we don't need shitbags to further our species in any way. the strong survive, yeah? your punk rock rhetoric is a joke guy, you've yet to make a single legitimate point or idea. if you really want the money that you work for (probably hard for) to go to health care for waste-of-space oxygen-thieves through taxes, then by all means, do what you can through votes and letters to your congress (i'm sure you don't do that, though). i'm not even slightly worried about my health care bud, the US citizens pay for what i need.
  17. dear ms squid. i hope the sea life is treating you well. i've never really hung out with any navy folk. marines and army and a handful of chairforce. even they make fun of the navy... are you enlisted or commissioned? -FR
  18. the entirety of my posts have been directed at the idea that the show moore puts on now is ineffective and needs revamping, and that his show annoys me. i'm not pretending to agree with what he stands for whatsoever. i don't think national healthcare is a good idea, i think privatized health care must be changed by legislation and given some serious check and balances. i am pro-gun and pro-capitalism. however, i am pro-consciousness and an informed public is the only way the democracy (that i've volunteered to fight for) we live in can be truly effective. i vote right, i don't like moore's politics, i am glad there is someone there to "inform" the illiterate masses of the US populace, but i believe there are far better ways for him to do it. (this is NOT crossfire, i'm not going to argue politics in CH 0, i'm arguing that moore is half the hero you'd love him to be) he is a fat asshole. my head is not in my ass, i'm fairly sure i've got a stronger grasp of this than you; as all you've got for responses are shit talk to me, no examples and ideas you've pulled from i don't know where about my ethos. for the record i'm 23.
  19. yes you can understand them. its just a matter of getting that style into your lexicon. the only hardcore band i've been stoked on for a while is ONE DEAD THREE WOUNDED from philly. awesome energy with a southern rock groove to 'em. http://www.myspace.com/onedeadthreewounded
  20. there is a significant difference between misanthropy and apathy. michael moore is a fat asshole, i wouldn't mind if he died of a heart attack. not for rocking the boat, but for the fact that he annoys the shit out of me. he has not shifted a single tide, like i said, he pisses people off for the length of time his film runs. thats it. perhaps its a start to bringing the public to a higher state of social consciousness, i don't think so. if he were to be less of a shitbag and more professional (as i'd outlined, ha) i believe he could make a difference, instead of riling up the simple folk he should let them know what their part (other than boycotts) is in making a difference. why should i keep my mouth shut? because i think he sucks? you then have the right to open yours because you like him? fuck your line of reason i agree, it is far more productive to bitch about an issue or problem and provide ideas for solution, rather than just complain. however, there is no way for me to offer my ideas on solution to mr moore personally. i believe in trying to change the world for the better, but just because it riles the conservatives doesn't mean that some step is a positive change. (related thought: moore bitches without something to say incessantly. his offered solutions: pull out of the war, don't trust your government, don't shop at walmart, and lets emulate canada--fuck him) this is why i don't go into crossfire. i get sucked into stupid fucking arguments so damn easily. i want moroe to shut up, you want to suck his dick. agree to disagree? ha.
  21. are you kidding me guy? did you read any of my following posts? where in what i've said was there redundant propaganda? mine aren't unique ideas, plenty of folks agree, but to call it "bullshit prop" is ludicrous, there isn't enough of an anti-moore sentiment for "bs prop" to exist. what is moronic about my statements? i'd really appreciate clarification, we disagree on this i'm sure, but disagreement is hardly justification for "moronic" status. that'd be the same reasoning as me saying "pink floyd and radiohead suck" because i don't like them. they don't suck, they're just not "my flavor" get it?
  22. Fist 666


    truth. i haven't raced in 8 years now. just dirt jumps and some street for the 20s...
  23. haha. harsh, harsh. i didn't say it was hard to get laid, i said my luck with asians there was poor. though i did smash this vietnamese girl with great DDs on her. that was fun. other than that population, the white girls and even the latin girls are up for the smashing.
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