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  1. stinking rose is alright. its great if you like garlic, but their cuisine overall is pretty commonplace. there are dozens of superior restaurants within 5 blocks of the rose. i met a few asians there that were chill, but they were all from LA. i suppose the OTP crowd had a few that were nice to me (no, not that nice). but the majority, fuck 'em
  2. good call on margo, blart. i'd smash avril in a heartbeat. she's dumb as shit and has that cocaine-i-got-raped-as a-child look about her that i love...
  3. truth. unless you are asian don't even bother talking to an asian girl, they only date AZN boyz there. its bullshit. stupid slant eyed wholes.
  4. what rebuttal guy? everything you said sounded like a combination of boysetsfire and anti-flag lyrics. angry punk rock w/ a bloody heart. debate (not of the internet nature) should be intelligent, patient, smooth, and balanced (while of course being biased; opposing ideas are necessary for debate). moore offers none of these things. the man is chaotic, sensitive, and he constantly generalizes. the reason he has any "celebrity" is because he makes outlandish films. he's the yin to the fox news yang. its tragic that cnn comes across as the middleground between the two extremes. NPR and BBC aren't particularly accessible to most people (everyone's got a radio, but you know). i don't really know where to argue from here... moore is not good at arguing, speaking, or frankly anything other than riling the public for a few weeks at a time.
  5. Fist 666


    meh, the more the merrier. unfortunately my living quarters don't accommodate my collection of bikes, and i'm gonna try and sell one as a parts bike and my 20. i got rid of two before i got here. i'll be down to 2 bikes. s/s road and i'll get my s/s mountain soon. i do want a 24" cruiser though. i'll figure it out.
  6. he could buy a stolen one in the TL for cheaper than a rental, as well. if there's a need to soothe a minimal conscience
  7. you'll never see/hear me take the side of mass media, i didn't mean to give that impression. i don't own a tv with one of my main reasons being the fact that there isn't a damn thing on it worth while, esp. the news. i also didn't say moore didn't have the right to be mad at wolf. that guy's a smug shitbag too, however, he was there for an interview regarding health care and he turned it into a 'bow to me' scenario and brought the war into it (not that the war isn;t a pertinent point of discussion [i'm a soldier, it affects me pretty seriously]). Fahrenheit 911 was not so true as he claimed over and over in the interview. bowling for columbine (i'm from colorado) was full of ludicrous bullshit. i've yet to see sicko, so i can't pass judgment on it. i just hate him... "people who hate moore are republicans" wow. this comment is fucking retarded. i've lived in some of the most liberal and bleeding heart-politic communities in the country (seattle, sf, boulder) and damn near everyone i know hates him. not his message, more his technique. he was bitching about gupta's review being biased, ha! the man argues with slippery slopes and absolutes incessantly.
  8. smoke crack, get a ts whore, and make some friends in the castro... polk ain't so bad. ellis or jones, those are some good times there.
  9. i wish that fat fuck would have a heart attack, soon. moore is ridiculous. he's outlandishly eccentric as a means to come across convincing. he speaks in such generalities and absolutes. he's incapable of receiving feedback. he's a shitbag, pure and simple.
  10. Re: this i going to be weird, i know, but im sitting here watching a lynyrd skynyrd d hooah.
  11. Re: Who's a vegan? facts: a healthy diet is a good thing. the meat industries are fucked up. its all about balance. i was vegan and vegetarian for a good part of my life. i was also a butcher. choose your battles, and let them be YOUR battles. otherwise, just eat food that tastes good and is of a decent quality and you'll be doing okay
  12. i laughed at a lot of that. the blatant hate of officers is comical.
  13. Fist 666


    thanks joker. i'm having a hard time finding stateside sales of ON-ONE, i'd looked at those in the past, but the only dealer i could find is on the east coast. the assault is too "big hit" for what i intend on riding. just simple singletrack, maybe some fireroads. the raleigh is hot, but i don't want rigid, though i suppose i could upgrade that. also found the cannondale 1fg. it seems like a bike made to meet a trend's demand. thus far i'm most enthralled with the gary fisher rig and the ramble tamble by van dessel. there's a shop in portland that sells them, so i'll probably go check 'em out this weekend. also gonna hit up counter balance. thanks for the help. i'll post pics once i get whatever it is i get.
  14. Fist 666


    hey Joker, you seem to have a pretty solid handle on internet bike sources: I'm looking to get a s/s mountain (not rigid). i'm contemplating the gary fisher rig. i've got a $2000 budget. i just got moved to the seattle area and the trails here are too enticing for me to limit myself to the roads, i've got to get one... any suggestions on any LBS or online catalogs?
  15. lisa loeb. lance armstrong and a shit ton of other cyclists (boulder co calls all those fuckers). danny devito. jessica biel. unearth. afi. rancid. mxpx. danny filth. shai hulud. (just about any hardcore/metalcore band that's toured since 1998...)
  16. Re: Who's a vegan? bacon ftw.
  17. what is the poster to his right?
  18. Re: Who's a vegan? the ketchup question is fucking stupid douchewagon.
  19. cracker is stellar, cheap trick is amusing. soul asylum... wow. seriously though, cracker puts on a pretty cool rock show.
  20. zoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodiac
  21. Fist 666


    i'm trying to remember the streets. right off of larkin. its like 2 blocks from the culinary school.
  22. Fist 666


    haha. my little mind hadn't put that together. that is pretty fucking gay.
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