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  1. i'm not a hardcore transformers fan, but i do own a solid handful of transformers comics. and they filled my childhood like everyone else over 18. i loved it. some of the acting was middle shelf. i thought there was too much of a focus on humans and not enough on the history of the war, but as far as the movie as a whole, it was really entertaining. i'm glad jazz died.
  2. Fist 666


    holy shit. i haven't had horchata since i was eating at the taqueria castillito... (tenderloin burritos FTW). fuck 777. 666 was my 22nd birthday. it was metal.
  3. truth in that. that and the ducktales games were two of my favorites. this image is def awesome.
  4. i live north of portland a minute. haven't been there yet though. in a couple weeks i'll be down there for a friend's stage race though.
  5. those are junior redwings, the TRUE redwings are pulling the tampon out with teeth (by the string) and shaking your head back and forth similar to a motorboating action) so the tampon slaps both sides of your face giving a wing like red image to your cheeks. not a lot of people i know have earned those. junior redwings are nothing. i'll get those off of strangers. what?
  6. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread i hate that song.
  7. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread i'm listening to destruction. metal. feeling emo though. bad. i'd like to meet a whore tonight
  8. beware of those fools that keep telling you god loves you, for you his son died fuck them- believe in yourself gods reality is just a lie curse the gods too many people have died curse the gods that fools have died for a lie thats whats up
  9. i prefer sex to violence, though a combination of the two is always welcome.
  10. yeah. i'm taking flack for it too. "dude its the 4th and you're a soldier come on man....." but nope. i'm giving myself two weeks, not because i need it or am an alcoholic, but because its fun and i enjoy it and being DD everynight gets boring.
  11. i like the guayaki a lot. when you don't have time for loose leaf, pixie-mate is a pretty tasty brand to roll with. anybody here drink kombucha?
  12. i'm sobering up for a little while because of the frequently hurled accusations by friends, family, and strangers. its okay. i know. good DIO reference. its been a minute since i listened to him though. once my friends youth crew band covered holy diver. probably my favorite live cover ever. sorry for hard times, they will pass (or become routine) but always move onwards and upwards.
  13. that would be a variation of the same joke, not the way it goes. though yours does have better flow...
  14. i was thinking of this: http://www.bigsausagepizza.com/ its pure genius. porn is on a new level, the envelope is being pushed
  15. hopefully going to seattle, hopefully sleeping with a stranger(s)... only time will tell.
  16. they could crawl through your skin and organs, which bugs are renowned for doing i used to butcher, and we'd get fish in all the time that would have worms completely filling the vital organ sack. on occasion we would receive fish that had worms throughout the flesh. i've seen infestation of gills all the way to the tail, plus directly under the scales.
  17. good stryker footage. bad ass to see 'em mounted with 25s.
  18. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread iced earth is magical
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