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  1. no i don't think, its too time consuming, wouldn't you agree?
  2. fact: she and i are myspace friends. fact: myspace sucks. fact: myspace friends aren't real friends. fact: so alone...
  3. Re: dont't come to San Francisco lolololol 4 lyfe. way to rep the OTP...
  4. fact: cascinetta vietti. moscato d'asti. paired with fine vanilla ice cream and berries.
  5. fact: i used to. now sam's my boss. i miss the liquor store.
  6. Re: coolest shoes ever (nigger) fuckin minibots.
  7. fact: me neither. but i read the books and frank miller is the man. so its cool. i think. i hope.
  8. fact: sobriety still sucks. fact: i purchased 300 and i think i'm going to watch it tomorrow after work.
  9. ha. well if spitfire had it first, and he clearly wants it...
  10. you can represent the broads, i'll represent the men.
  11. i'll take on the role of 12 oz ginger representative. RED ON THE HEAD, FIRE IN THE BED. that article is great. i hated being a redhead when i was little. now i could give a fuck. broads don't mind it, and its certainly never affected my employment. i'd laugh my ass off if it did. word.
  12. i asked you didn't I? why would i ask if i knew what i wanted?
  13. nevermind. it was happening for a moment but has stopped. maybe i'm insane?
  14. has anyone else noted that the new 12 oz shows your post count associated with that post? (as opposed to always showing your total... cuz this thread is blowing my count up. elite member here i come...)
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