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  1. so i maxed out after a month back in the gym.. fucking benching like 180 and squatting 275. i used to squat easily 400+
  2. Vanity


    so i picked up my first road bike.. something like this for 75. it's a bit more beat up, but all the components are proper and the frame is pretty light, so i' cool w/ it. Now if i can only not crash:
  3. Says down for maintenance and getting 503s on everything but the Tees. I need some
  4. Gas, Only two heavy a month because I'm not really trying to build strength right now (except shoulders & arms). I'm trying to slim up a bit, as I've gained back a lot of my loss lately, in addition to improving my anatomical adaptation. In general, I'm trying to get faster, more explosive, and in better shape right now. Also, fyi, my weight is down from a high of 340 to give you an idea of where I'm coming from. Speaking of, I think I should clarify when newbs read "go heavy to get big." Lifting heavy means pretty much anything from 10 x 1 to 5 x 5, and works on improving strength, which is the ability to lift a heavy weight, which is not the same as power (the ability to lift a heavy weight faster). You can gain strength 2 ways... by improving the strength (or density) or the muscle you have by going heavy, or by increasing muscle mass (getting big). To gain mass, you should be doing sets between something like 7 x 8 to 4 x 12. This is very different from lifting for power/speed, anatomical adaptation (athleticism), or just to get cut (which is more diet than working out). For those interested, there are charts somewhere online telling you how your sets should be to reach certain goals.... including rest times and 1RM%. There's no reason I have that my endurance needs to be great, other than I hate running and am working on it for that reason alone. Also, I feel that my endurance should at least match that of an entry level cop... which I think is something like 11-12 minutes for a mile and a half. The pain is on the top,front, of the forearm. I saw a doc and it's def a form of tendonitis similar to tennis elbow. Another work out tip.... you can do 1 shoulder pulling and 1 ab lift every work out... just need to do different ones. Also.... don't sleep on complexes.
  5. how the fuck did the nats sweep the cards? I might try to make it to bmore to see the cards take the o's
  6. Well, looks like I'll have access to a gym again in about a month, so say word.... developing a comprehensive plan involving jogging, form running, sprinting, traditional weight training, body weight training, heavy days twice a month, and aerobic training... maybe swimming if i gain access to a pool. As always... starting off w/ running, push-ups, and sit-ups. That being said.. I fucking hate jogging, but my endurance sucks ass. Does anybody have any advice on avoiding tendonitis? I developed it in my forearms from deadlifting, I'm pretty sure. It's since chilled, but haven't deadlifted in over a year.
  7. i think i should also mention that i had no internet or television at home. When you're bored, it's worth it to take the time to cook or go work out.
  8. oh yeah... and little alcohol and pretty much no sugar. iou, you only took 1 day off in a month? you have to give your body some time to recover, dunny
  9. I lost 60 lbs in a year due more to changes in lifestyle. Diet wise, I didn't really try too hard, to tell you the truth, but it went as follows: -lots of spices and curries: pretty much no nutritional harm, adds a lot of flavor, and when things are really spicy (both hot spicy and just reg spicy), you don't desire to eat as much -meat once a week: almost never beef -whenever eating meat, mix w/ veggies: no steak or breasts, cut that shit up and mix it -no butter or cheese -little milk -little bread: my crutch -no peanut butter: my other crutch -little rice -little to no snacking: i don't have the will power not to turn it into a meal -skip a meal once and a while -obviously, this has left the need to eat lots and lots of fresh veggies -LOTS of water... 8-10 liters a day, chug 1-2 as soon as you get up however, i attribute most of the weightloss to lifestyle change. No car, job where I was on my feet all day, easier access to quality fruits and vegetables, no girl, work out routine i've since got a job where i sit all day and a girl that wants to spoil me, and poorer access to veggies.. hence, i've gained like 35-40 back :\
  10. OK, so before I disappeared from civilization, we had anonymous prepaid there in the states. the only companies i remember are Virgin and Boost. I thought the Gov't was trying to get it on some registration ish before i left. Even Virgin changed it so you can't automatically re-up w/ out a credit card. So can I still get my anonymous cell on? Any suggestions on companies?
  11. ok, so after doing the convict conditioning for a minute.... Like: -it's focus on no equipment -focus on overall development and not just for looks -fairly simple system -more physically challenging than anticipated -almost entirely focused on strength/ power, so can do a cardio routine the same day -different exercises.. it's nice to be upside down sometimes Dislike: -some of the later progressions in a step can get boring (3 sets of 40 vert pulls) -not the fastest. you can't pump out a set quickly (120 vert pulls at the suggested 6 seconds a piece = 12 minutes of vert pulls, not counting rest) -some of the earlier steps are almost all form, so it's hard to know if gains are due to better form or actual strength. So i'm sticking with it for now. I'll probably reduce it if someone gave em a gym membership, but i ain't paying for that.
  12. The only other thread on this is some toy asking about spots. Anyway, my girl is moving to the US's capital. I'll probably end up there shortly enough. I'm taking it upon myself to find housing; otherwise, she'll end up listening to her co-workers and end up living someplace lame like Sterling, surrounded by Applebee's and Outbacks. So what are some decent semi-grimey (cheap) parts of the area to live in that she's not gonna get raped in?
  13. some folks just make playlists. but making tapes for girls was always lame man
  14. Yeah, thought i'd have to see a techie at this point.' On to another issue. I was recently given a 2 year old Ipod chromatic. It had been used probably less than 50 times in 2 years. IT was working absolutely great at first, but after maybe 5 uses or so, it would freeze or die out of nowhere. I could reset it, and it would work from 3-30 minutes and then die again. IT was charging fine before, but at this point it doesn't charge at all (on a PC or a mac). When I plug it in, the connect screen turns on and it shuts down after 10 seconds. I'm guessing this is a battery issue and I need to swap it out?
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