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  1. ^ Thats the beauty of the internet, 99% of us will never get to actually know you!
  2. ^ Lets see, posting a stupid picture VS reading some entertaining shit? How could you even compare the two?
  3. If you were in my city you'd be getting a summons to appear in court for that silver prisma they found on you. You should be on some sigh of releif status.
  4. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread Yeah i already knew that. Get on some Belidna Carlisle. Frate Raper, what the hell type of gigantic shit are you on emptying 17 rustos?
  5. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread Yeah only we were both completely sober. I guess that makes it worse.
  6. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread My buddy got all emmotional saying on me earlier saying he's going to drop out of his class because he couldnt understand how to do a report. The pep talk didnt work and i felt really sorry for the guy.... I just spent the past 2.5 hours doing his report. Damn i'm a softie.
  7. Re: Peeing on hipsters. You cant really say you hope you pee on someones head then be all no diss.
  8. We have a statute (although its being revised) called "The Work Place Relations Act" theres this section i had to overview 170[CK] which are the grounds for the reasons you cant be fired (sex, race, religion etc) but theres also a point in there stating you cant be fired if you make a complaint about the company of to a superior. So when a lot of people suspect they may be fired they make a complaint which really makes it difficult for the employer. Like i said this is all theory i've learned. I actually have very little "real life" experience working in big corperations.
  9. What I'm about to say may make me sound like an idiot but im just going by what i've learned. I dont know how what its like in real world corperate America, but management text ALWAYS emphasizes that for a smooth flowing organisation there needs to be employee satisfaction (i've included employee morale in a LOT of management essays) Having said this you need to write a written complaint to the H.R department of your conditions and keep a copy for yourself. Even if they ignore you dont you have unfair dismissal laws in the united states?
  10. ^ Yeah I was such a greedy 10 year old i didnt bother even bother putting the balls in the "500" hole...I just ran up there and put my finger down there found the button/clip and pressed it repeatedly. I was devistated when they put a sensor on it and the machine would automatically restart your game when they detected you too close to the holes.
  11. fatbastard

    i just

    I've come to the realisation that my taste buds are about as sophisticated as a sock puppet. I actually really enjoy the mac and cheese that comes in a can. I'd probably like that easy mac.
  12. Speaking of animals getting themselves in situations: http://www.snopes.com/photos/animals/graphics/poormoose_small.jpg
  13. Hahah! What a great idea for a scam. Playing on peoples ignorance. Even if it did work wouldnt it be just as bad as drugs? I mean altering brain chemicals is altering brain chemicals....Maybe you'd reduce side effects and severity but if you're that interested in the drug why wouldnt you just try the real thing!? Either way fuck paying, you can cop a free download here: http://http://www.download.com/3120-20_4-0.html?tg=dl-20&qt=i-doser&tag=srch
  14. Make things sound dramatic to SS, like you're on the verge of starvation and need to buy essentials, my advice may not help but in a lot of case departments have access to methods to speed up your process that they are only allowed to use in various circumstances. Sorry dude, that really sucks. I want to try to work in the U.S after graduation and i know i'll be in the exact same situation in less than a year. Persistence and assertivness ususally help with red tape based departments.
  15. Common, dude must have either wanted the art badly himself or had a buyer lined up before he went in for the kill. Who would want to buy something they could so easily be arrested for being in possession of?
  16. Download my load now, but dont mega bite cause it mega hurts. How long ago did you have that fucking signature? I dont know why its still in my head....and that little character you had at the bottom.
  17. Open minds and open hearts, the things that set us apart.
  18. Honestly though, There is no way i could afford a house in this city. Last year we had a HUGE price boom and prices rose 40% overnight. A house in a low income project style ghetto area would cost me at least 300k.
  19. Yeah and dont forget your Insomniac Tweaking Klepto family members who need places to crash. ;)
  20. What age do you predict you will make it to?
  21. Re: What's there to do in LA besides blow coke of dudes D's. Fixed, not faded. -Sunset Blvd was fun to walk around and people watch. -If you end up going to melrose theres plenty of the msk/cbs variety to flick in the back lot of this hiphop shop called workmens also walk about a block and see if im still up near fairfax highschool :) -A really touristy thing to do is go to the hollywood walk of fame and catch a tag in an empty star. - 6 flags magic mountain will make you feel like a kid again. (funnel cakes all the rage on this forum lately) -Downtown oozes L.A culture -Roscoes chicken and waffles has a lot of novelty value
  22. Do you order online much? You probably ordered something from a company ecko was involved with or they purchased the information off another company. Seriously though, i'd rather get a magazine like that as junk mail as opposed to the real estate flyers asking me if i want to sell my home.
  23. fatbastard


    The O.C does look very boring, but then again when i was about 12-13 i used to watch beverly hills 90210. So i imagine the O.C would be kinda cool if your 12 or 13.
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