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  1. only blog i have on my phone's news feed
  2. Re: Great Pictures~ i was wondering what bridge you were talking about then i realised dude edited his post 20 minutes after you said that weak
  3. Re: Great Pictures~ not shopped? who told you that
  4. "he fired off a single email criticizing the U.S. government after seeing a TV program about the 9/11 attacks" that'll show em
  5. Re: Great Pictures~ parrots? seriously? ...seriously?
  6. why not just call the ambulance?
  7. funny how the bone and soft tissue was split down the middle but his grill looks minimally damaged
  8. am i the only one who noticed the drumset pic is linked from woman's day?
  9. I wonder what train of thought initiated this thread revival
  10. this is all assuming there is no drainage at all throughout the entire home depot of course. and that the ground level of the store is completely flat. and assuming nobody managed to be more elevated than you by the time you managed to do all this shit with your eyes closed.
  11. how you gonna know where to saw/what wires to mess with if it is pitch black inside?
  12. an axe smacking into a garbage can lid: throw you severely off balance crush your hand holding the lid if it doesn't penetrate if it does, your hand is trash if it gets caught, the attacked will trash the axe around for his life, pretty much going to end up on the floor with one of your hands attached to a garbage can lid just dual machette that shit with a flashing bike helmet for awesome-factor
  13. "When they got up the next morning, her grandson found a used condom in their bed" so they were in their bed the whole night, but their grandson just up and found it in the morning? girl's trying to get paiiiiiiid
  14. good job half ruining the thread twon
  15. this will just turn into a competition to see who can survive the longest without food/water.
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