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  1. Re: motorbikes! .. i'm doing the MARRC racing school tomorrow! WOOOT! i can get my racing license after the course and start competing if i want.. i'm a little nervous but it should be adrenalin filled fun. :D
  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XJrZijj2c7U&feature=related
  3. just want to thank you all for awesome advice! really. i'm going to have to print out a lot of this thread and take it with me. :)
  4. ubejinxed ubejinxed ubejinxed ubejinxed she rocks like at least 4 times.
  5. i was just trying to find photos who is it? very odd situation.. but if my man could carry my baby i'd go for it.. i don't want to do it. .. i know thats fucked up but i'd give up that right so fast.
  6. false. the person below me has had a 3some.
  7. awesome info, thank you so much.. macau is now written into the itinerary.. still trying to figure out the beach portion of the trip in thailand, maybe indonesia will satisfy that requirement... know anything about booking the internal flights in advance vs booking there? i would rather be flexible but don't want to risk a price increase. any idea?
  8. yeah we're flying into jakarta but thinking of heading over to bali after that and do the romantico thing. where are the best sights, temples, tourist things to check out? is it worth staying in jakarta for a day or two or just head out? what is the best way to get to other islands? bus, then boat? flight? have a recommendation?
  9. this trip is going to kill my budget and it's totally fiscally irresponsible, and kills my savings but i didn't travel after my undergrad and went straight to work and never went anywhere. so i figure i have to get it in while i can before the routine of working life holds me back. the ticket alone is $4200 already bought, was about $300 more than i expected.... but i figure staying with people and traveling with someone will help hold land costs down. but yeah i figure i need about another $5000 for everything. i hope i will not spend it, but i need to have it and friends who are willing to wire/loan me money if i need it. and for photos? yeah i need to take a shit ton, but i lost my camera in paris 2 weeks ago...
  10. as for israel i have friends there who live in jerusalem and they live their life normally every day.. even after the last bombing.. i talk to them on MSN daily.. and when i was there last i felt more safe there than here. and i even went over to the West Bank in Palestine. no problems. sad to see how it is but i was never threatened.
  11. word.. i just got back from a week in ireland and paris. i stayed wtih someone i knew in ireland but paris blew my mind on expense! i bought nothing and spent a lot! it was about a $600 tix from here to ireland then over to paris on a cheap flight then in paris most of the time i spent about $1100 total including food, and hotel (not hostel) . depends how you want to travel.
  12. indeed. i will definitely try to make it over there. 30min hover sounds rad.. how much is it? and taking a plane to Chaing mai might be doable, i looked into flights within thailand and they're pretty cheap running about $35 USD roundtrip. we will just have to figure out logistics. how is the south of thailand? there is a cheap flight that goes down to phuket, is it worth it? anyone know anything about indonesia? we're flying into Jakarta then probably over to Bali. i know nothing of this country.
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