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  1. I don't know why but when I read your post I immediately thought "wow seekings getting old"
  2. When you have a dream or goal like getting in shape, getting a better job, starting a business etc, dont look for reasons why you cant do something, look for the reasons you can. TAKE ACTION, TAKE ACTION, TAKE ACTION! planning and thoughts are great but personally the best doors have opened for me when ive taken action. The human brain is capable of amazing things and you dont bring them out by sitting around.
  3. Mine and Nokia are doing nice things.
  4. Its a jism tribute isnt it?
  5. SBA: Has also been dead for 8 years.
  6. Re: things black people like Over here black refugees from like somalia and ethiopia like to make people beleive they're actually african-american exept all their fubu and dada is knock-off and they dont really pull off the accents because their only just learning english...The white hood girls seem to love it though and are pretty convinced their dating an african american, so everyone wins.
  7. I went to a strip club once because my friend had V.I.P access (which only means free entry for super perverts who go frequently) Cut a long story short the girl came out to do her show, she looked 12 was super skinny and had braces....I could just picture her lying on her application about her age and her devistated parents. I left. Needless to say no more strip clubs followed.
  8. PLEASER New years eve 2006 Old Predikt from about 99 POSER the 5 star criminal! Posh Abc, This was an extremely hard pic to take. But then again how many are extremely rare. SONIK ABC from 1994 And last but not least.........THE OLD DIRTY ZARKSTER!
  9. I know, a shitty photo but Cans are extremely rare. Only scratchies left. Another Bad Creation! God i love it when people are too lazy too clean their wheelie bins for decades. You can find some real gems that way. Remember when phone cards looked like this?
  10. My Attempt to revive this thread. Pics taken with my phone from around the way. Snapped from a photo album...My eyes were literally popping out of my sockets. Again....mind blowing Hahah, you tell her cosmo! Guilty As Sin! Bitches And Dollars, Artists In Motion JIVE CI BTR! I made my friend do a u-turn and pull over so i could flick this. from early 1997. I think its the last (legible) Jive left...Someone PLEASE prove me wrong. Another incrdibly rare find, CAPS HRC R.I.P homie. Done in 1998, theres no way anyone would know the location of it. Big thankyou for driving me here.
  11. I have more (uselss) university/college degrees than you can poke a stick at. We're just pissed off that we wasted years and years studying and are now in the same position (if not worse) than those who never studied. Can you please just let us think we're smart? Can you give us that? -fb/20k in student loans.
  12. I really enjoyed those photos. Thanks.
  13. I think some people miss a lot of sarcasm and tongue in cheek humour in Bf's posts. I mean common, she will talk about jail time, using heroin, and homemade tattoos and then mention getting emmotional over episodes of extreme home make over with cats in her lap all in the one sentence.
  14. Re: Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit The Shit Thread Is codeine prescription medication in the U.S? Over here you can buy 30 15mg tabs for about $5. I mean its good for killing a headache that just wont settle but even if your not getting addicted imagine what its doing to your liver.
  15. crawl around in back alleys and look for 90's graff, ive heard sf has a lot of hidden gems.
  16. I didnt respond to your last pm cause i thought you were in jail already!
  17. ^ You got me really interested, care to share some knowledge?
  18. The dino riders show bag was pretty popular.
  19. ^ I meant the cake not the balloon.
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