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  1. Was it really awkward asking your mother for her urine?
  2. Actually, its got to do with an increase in demand for australian exports (copper and wool went through the roof) But the situation with iran is a contributing factor
  3. I have so many ideas for a well established company like redbull to further dominate the market.
  4. ^ Holy crap! They haven't had those polystyrene boxes here since the late 80's/early 90's I remember the hippies went nuts because polystyrene isnt bio-degradable, and it caused a whole corperate social responsibility issue so they just started wrapping them in paper. I think now they use boxes to make it look bigger and retain its shape.
  5. ^ I remember the 5k thread so much enthusiasm, now this and barely ever posting? God I hate it when people grow up.
  6. Metro guys over here wear flip flops even in the winter along with a tight ass t-shirt and those purposely faded/heackered jeans. Oh, and stylized mullets.
  7. ^ If that was the case couldnt you call it?
  8. You know how gangsta rappers rap about money, cars, and bitches? Well I think they also need to rap about taking naps. (think about it rap rhymes with nap)
  9. Thats gangsta. That position actually looks very comfortable. Dude, i used to be able to take the BEST naps, like i'd be dead tired and take a one hour power nap then BOOM i was ready for anything. Nowadays though i wake up all groggy and out of sorts. I really need to work on that.
  10. Cake batter icecream from cold stone (one of the highest fat content icecreams in the world apparently). God bless america's creativity and neglect of nutrition.
  11. I drank the water in indonessia and nothing happened.
  12. Theres no way to make up for lost time and start hanging out with him? This is the age where he needs a father figure most.
  13. ^ Well remember when she paid for the postage when you sent me all that american crew stuff?
  14. Damn, those trackers actually work? I must come accross to some girls as a fucking stalker.
  15. Oh man, i also miss my mummy, i wish she knew how to use text messaging and aim chat, she's awesome. I love her. My grandma's cooler though, when i was young i used to fake being sick to get out of going to school and my grandma used to back up my stories.
  16. Put yourself in the employers position. You have numerous people applying for a job. Now isnt it safe to say that in a MAJORITY of cases the potsmoker will be a demotivated, forgetful, lazy worker due to the side effects of his "weekend lifestyle?"
  17. The market for black ink is already well established, and with black ink its difficult to differentiate your product, these guys needed a campaign with shock value and they got it. Kids are all about novelty with inks and markers, when something new comes out its like an impulse for them to try it...I wouldnt be suprised if thats made by an existing company and they've just labelled some bottles differently for some quick sales.
  18. Well with hollywoods lack of creativity and tendencies to steal ideas.....
  19. How can you be doing well in uni when its only week 4?
  20. Make a cameo in a B-grade, low budget, dvd release only movie. In the credits it will be like "guy who was asked for time: fatbastard"
  21. Ps- the illustrations were dope but this is what i understood from the story line 1- Guy follows the arrow to get to a mathematical equation 2-A star and a cactus are out to get him His pupils dilate as he says "pills, brass knuckles and upside down heart" 3-He goes to sleep and a monster comes and takes him. 4- the end?
  22. This is one of your comics from about 5 years ago i kept. Let me know if you want it down.
  23. These are your norman or goodlum comics?
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