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  1. Jrat.

    NHL 10-11 SEASON

    Thinking back on '94 and now watching it all ridiculouss massive style on 50" tvs all high definition 2011 and shit.. CANUCKS BABY!!
  2. Jrat.

    Here comes Summer

    My old stomping grounds! I love it out there in the summer. Nice post.
  3. That Jeans was the shit, the Cruks not so much.
  4. Oh and bump the ol skoo Gotue steeze he's bringin back.
  5. Please do not post pictures of good graffiti with bad camera phones. Have some respect for the person who painted it..
  6. Jrat.

    * NORTH DAKOTA BENCH For 01-15 May 2011...!! *

    27 SOoBooose!
  7. Jrat.

    anything rolling through St. Louis

  8. Jrat.

    Can I use your scales?

    What do I say..?
  9. Jrat.

    BA Crew

    Those endo's are the shimshamsham.
  10. Jrat.


    Yea keep updating, your camera is just as dope as your eye.
  11. Jrat.

    seattle > portland area freights

    Benched that Mech headed south bout a half hour ago Cuate Dekor Task PEST!
  12. Jrat.

    bye bye bin laden

    Jeebus, all sorts of good stuff. Jets for shiggles on the Baex, that last Denim and Emte on the Mwcx mmm grey aaaand my panel.