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  1. It's a road bike; single speed. I have been deliberating on whether or not I can climb a gondola with my bike. I can do it with my dog, but he's not nearly as large. I'm hoping for luck in catching 48s, as I don't really see open boxcars rolling the highline. I can pack all my gear into my messenger bag, including my U lock, tarp, and water. The reason I wish to take my bike is it will provide considerable convenience in getting to and from yards, as well as getting around towns I stop in. My concerns are lack of concealed rides and holes in fences; the latter of which I only recently considered. If there are any other difficulties one could foresee, I would appreciate the input.
  2. I'm getting ready to hop out with my bike. Any tips/tricks or stories to tell regarding riding with bikes?
  3. InfraRed

    Spray Paint

    Nevermind, I figured out it's made by Ironlak and it's acrylic. I guess I'm doing a canvas or a buff wall.
  4. InfraRed

    Spray Paint

    Drunk; not scrolling through thread. Can I use Montana Sugar paint on steel or is it just some canvas shit? Just got a couple cans kicked down and I can't tell if it's good or not from the can.
  5. some good shots. cool to see different sorts of cars and bench spots BONUS HUGE RVEE LARGE
  6. PEMX NONE by The Streets Live, on Flickr NSF by The Streets Live, on Flickr ANEMAL AWOKE by The Streets Live, on Flickr SORI by The Streets Live, on Flickr DFM by The Streets Live, on Flickr KWOTE by The Streets Live, on Flickr DE Mural by The Streets Live, on Flickr GUFE KEEP ANGLO by The Streets Live, on Flickr CENO by The Streets Live, on Flickr
  7. DEMONS FEAR ME! by BurlingtonNorthernSantaFe, on Flickr WIRE by BurlingtonNorthernSantaFe, on Flickr GRIEF by BurlingtonNorthernSantaFe, on Flickr IDEAL by BurlingtonNorthernSantaFe, on Flickr SORIE by BurlingtonNorthernSantaFe, on Flickr VIOLET by BurlingtonNorthernSantaFe, on Flickr RONG by BurlingtonNorthernSantaFe, on Flickr
  8. if you push the tip down with a safety pin/needle and squeeze it, it will refill with air and keep writing for a while.
  9. I thought this was going to be about cracks in paint/pieces
  10. holy shit A+ excellent thread lots of cool cars and amazing pieces I especially enjoyed the SEH GAS intermodal car.
  11. InfraRed


    Rode by this on a freight train; wished I could have gotten a photo. Cool!
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