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  1. ...as for the IPFX, uh, not sure who owns them, but they exist. they have buffed Amtrak logos on it, i'm guessing IPFX bought some Amtrak cars
  2. yah,, search through them here: http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/rsList.aspx?id=AMTK&cid=30
  3. i get a boner for ANY flicks, that last grip was especially good,,,
  4. WHOOOA I LOVE READING STORIES IN THE DETROIT THREAD!!!!¡¡¡¡¡11!!! how come no one posts no mo PHERSO in here?
  5. ABZRD? WHOLE CAR by STLgraffitiPhotographer, on Flickr
  6. AMFM wholecar by STLgraffitiPhotographer, on Flickr
  7. actually he is... just letting some one know who used the word "her".
  8. he needs more than a better camera. you ctos are such fags. first you go to the spot and diss all the pieces down there. then you go back and do wack ass pieces over everything. and then you back again and do even wacker shit. go fucking drown.
  9. that was me smacking you with a golf ball.
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