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  1. ...as for the IPFX, uh, not sure who owns them, but they exist. they have buffed Amtrak logos on it, i'm guessing IPFX bought some Amtrak cars
  2. yah,, search through them here: http://www.rrpicturearchives.net/rsList.aspx?id=AMTK&cid=30
  3. i get a boner for ANY flicks, that last grip was especially good,,,
  4. WHOOOA I LOVE READING STORIES IN THE DETROIT THREAD!!!!¡¡¡¡¡11!!! how come no one posts no mo PHERSO in here?
  5. ABZRD? WHOLE CAR by STLgraffitiPhotographer, on Flickr
  6. AMFM wholecar by STLgraffitiPhotographer, on Flickr
  7. actually he is... just letting some one know who used the word "her".
  8. he needs more than a better camera. you ctos are such fags. first you go to the spot and diss all the pieces down there. then you go back and do wack ass pieces over everything. and then you back again and do even wacker shit. go fucking drown.
  9. that was me smacking you with a golf ball.
  10. PSA for all you. I'll be starting a guerrilla buff crew. Anything that sucks will be buffed in a color of my choice. Best of luck.
  11. HAHAHAHAHAHA SABOT!! might confront him about that.
  12. first one i've ever benched. ignore my excitement. ..i got flicks of the whole line once i fix my camera cable..
  13. it's a diss when some one who sucks goes over full color pieces, with only a scrap ass fill-in. if you saw the situation, you'd understand. you crossed out pieces, and made a real sad attempt at capping them, and then try and act like they were already dissed justifying why you took the spot. bullshit.
  14. just letting you know i don't believe a single word you say. i know what you did, no matter how much you lie about it....or if you've truly convinced yourself of what you said is true, i wish you no luck in getting any help for your dementia.
  15. make the neighborhood look better? you went over a piece with a scrappy ass fill in thing, but worse part about it is you wrote "one-up duose" Are you fucking serious? One up? You roll up two can sam and scrap fill over a Sabot piece, and call that shit one up? AND you call that shit making the neighborhood look better? BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE! you scribble over all the other pieces down there, don't even do fill ins over it, just fucking scribble and dick all the stuff there. And then come back a few months later and go over them this time. Making the neighborhood look better?? YA DAMN RIGHT I'M GONNA HATE.
  16. -points for fucking with that sabot burner. And dicking all of the pieces a fe months in advance of going over them. Fucking retards.
  17. ohhhhhhhhh, so THAT'S how the song goes......
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