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  1. Just for the record it was a pass to lucic not a dump in
  2. So rome gets four games for a late hit, no blindside, horton admiring his pass, gets smoked. Go back to the SJ vs VAN series, Rome gets crushed blindside into the boards from behind, misses 3 games and theres no suspension. Im not saying he didnt deserve a suspension at all. he did, i thought 2 games would suffice, but its the inconsistant handling of these hits that bothers me. And why the fuck did they keep luongo in net for 8 goals i have no idea! Anyways game 4 will be interesting. Its too bad we have andrew peters on loan to some team in NY or we could dress someone to scrap thorton. A
  3. Also, the whole vancouver team needs a gut check, cause that was a seriously bad game defensively and offensively. i wanna see shneider play so bad!
  4. So you think that cause the canucks lost im scared to come on here? or maybe its because i work in the daytime and not at a compter desk. And just the fact that you are searching out canucks fans to argue with is pretty pathetic and gay. you're no diferent from the canucks fans that everyone hates cause they talk so much shit and have uneducated hockey opinions. i hate those canucks fans with a passion aswell. like i said a page or two back, i dont mind discussing the teams or games or whatever, yes im a canucks fan, but im not here to argue about predictions, and the way youve already got it
  5. clearly you didnt understand the bruin fan reference, as in you believing chicago will come back from 3-0, just as philly did against you last year. i could give two shits to argue with you people about hockey predictions, it just dosent make sense to me. ill be at the game tomorow and time will tell what happens:scrambled:
  6. If by shut down you mean point leader in the playoffs?? and ya your right if they dont win the next game the series is over... everyone cries and gets angry when a canucks fan says were gonna win the cup(which i have never said, i just watch it unfold as it does) but you can predict that if the canucks dont win tomorow that the blackhawks will come back from a 3-0? whats the diference? maybe you think that cause your a bruins fan... :D
  7. Bolland is definantly more of a game changer than seabrook in my opinion. Seabrook gets nailed right behind the net with his head down every few weeks, this is playoff hockey! he should know better by now! and mosluggo, what team are you thinking is gonna give us a handful? not disagreeing with you, but for discussions sake im wondering which teams you think thatll be, detroit is looking really good, but howard is the ?mark there, SJ is good, but goaltending there isnt very solid and big choke artist Joe thorton with his whopping O pts and 1 hit isnt really all that intimidating. as far
  8. and what the fuck was chicago thinking putting john scott out there?? that was one of the worst moves ive seen! hes almost identicle to derek boogard... i sure hope he plays in game four! :D
  9. Dont take COS as an example of all canucks fans... Fun to see them beat the hawks 3 straight
  10. Went to the canucks flyers game the other night, one of the best games ive seen live:D kesler had a gooder too
  11. how any of you can live comfortably on 25 dollars an hour or less is beyond me
  12. how do you setup the autodraft picks?
  13. what if everyone just auto drafts and goes from there?
  14. any day this week lets try for wednesday night? does that work?
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