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  1. The christmas just gone someone went round the back of Curry's and took a Bolster chisel to the wall. Made a small hole and broke out with 30k. 6 months later he got caught because he left the barcode of the chisel at the scene of the crime and they traced it back to the store he bought it from, cctv etc. Silly mistakes!
  2. not anymore tpbm once got a boner on a bus
  3. Was talking about this yesterday. Was fucking wicked game!
  4. Big fan of dave chappelle, alot of my friends like Kat Williams, i tried watching his stand up but i didnt think he made jokes? he just kept talking and comparing shit.
  5. THIS FILM It went on and on and on, basically felt like it wasnt going to finish. Id recently forgotten about this film until the advert for it came on before a film started the other day. We talked about how shit it was and how long it was too, funny thing was the actual advert was about ten minutes long too! NEVER WATCH IT
  6. Id like to vent about everything in my car keeps breaking and no one women are ever in my life. Now ones popped up and shes amazing but far too young. Well, at least till may next year :/
  7. get yourself an old tyre to throw over it and torch it. Theres one on the way into town where i live and its been torched twice in the last couple of months. The woman next door to me got caught speeding the other day and text her ex husband whos a copper to see if he could help her out and sort it. He text back saying your in luck its just been torched. That must mean there not connected to any live feeds and must have a film inside?
  8. KNIVES OF KNIFES? deffinitely? deffinately DEFINITELY! ive ran out at the moment but theres a few that always crop up. same with words too. Theres a handful i really should learn but never bother to look them up.
  9. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... You cant really hate dave chappelle can you?
  10. Good story, i was once on the way to a trackside out the back of an industrial estate and found an opening in a bush. We walked through and there was 20 plants growing. We stole them, and the year after :D
  11. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... Almost forgot, I fucking turbotriple hate it when people tell me theres no such thing as freestyling. Aparently its impossible for people to say things off the top of their head that rhyme?
  12. Re: Shit you Hate Appreciation thread.......................... Think it was on page 2 someone said they hate bullies. me 2. Although i think they should teach kids to stand up for them self more rather than ignore them. I hate cooking food to find there's no ketchup left. I hate when girls cant text back straight away no matter what. Always gotta put some time between the replys, no matter how urgent. I hate when good things come to an end. Ive just finished season 6 part 1 of sopranos. Saving the last 8 for crimbo. Also hating when people sit down to watch it with you, they know how much you love it, ive said countless times i dont want to know what happens, they say, Has so and so died yet? Has tony been shot yet? I hate when you see white kids wearing wu tang everything. Yet all they've heard is 36 chambers. I hate it when your with friends and making jokes about each other. Everyones laughing but then you say something about the person making jokes and all of a sudden its not funny. fuck off mate. I hate when people upload loads of photos of them smoking weed. I hate when people stand in the middle of the pavement when talking. Stand at the fucking side. Old people not thanking me when i hold the door open for them. Facebook status's telling me you were more drunk than anyones everybeen ever the night before. Was good to get this off my chest
  13. fuck, i havent read this whole thread but when i was a kid id run into the bathroom punching the shower curtain. No one hiding would be expecting that.
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