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  1. n8galicia


    King Faheem showing us how its done
  2. n8galicia

    Troll School

    Mero wins my vote, some of the stuff he says has me rollin
  3. n8galicia

    Ask Earl Broclo ESQ. (post meltdown edition)

    If you have ever been outside of the US, what is your favorite place to travel to?
  4. n8galicia

    12 oz. Product Ideas

  5. n8galicia

    Oh Shit! Some ill rail........

    So I heard Lysol stains really hard on plastic and metal
  6. Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing???
  7. n8galicia

    Illest Graffiti Related Songs

    :lol: :lol: Artifacts- Between A ROck And a Hard Place whole album is ill. but I listen to whatever when I write. anything at all
  8. n8galicia

    oakland shootings part deux

    they should bring in these trucks like they did at the G20 in philly
  9. n8galicia

    oakland shootings part deux

    sheeeet. dope handstylez
  10. n8galicia

    best bay rap of 2010

    retarded ass nigga haha :lol: :lol: digging the hand movements tho. It makes down's syndrome real gangsta
  11. n8galicia

    Oakland 510 East Bay Business --------

    :lol: yall sohuld take advantage of the concentration of police downtonw
  12. n8galicia

    best bay rap of 2010

    Dru Down did a collab with Tha Jacka on the Tear Gas album, but thats all I know. And Fuck LIL B
  13. n8galicia

    oakland shootings part deux

    beat me to it :lol: