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  1. King Faheem showing us how its done
  2. Mero wins my vote, some of the stuff he says has me rollin
  3. So I heard Lysol stains really hard on plastic and metal
  4. :lol: :lol: Artifacts- Between A ROck And a Hard Place whole album is ill. but I listen to whatever when I write. anything at all
  5. they should bring in these trucks like they did at the G20 in philly
  6. retarded ass nigga haha :lol: :lol: digging the hand movements tho. It makes down's syndrome real gangsta
  7. :lol: yall sohuld take advantage of the concentration of police downtonw
  8. Dru Down did a collab with Tha Jacka on the Tear Gas album, but thats all I know. And Fuck LIL B
  9. If my mom took away my paint, I would kill everyone in my family because now I can't bomb the system.... :rolleyes: jus' saying and no disrespect you would be an idiot to say that graffiti is only a lifestyle. some people don't bomb and stay strictly in the books. but its one man's opinion to himself
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