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Everything posted by n8galicia

  1. King Faheem showing us how its done
  2. Mero wins my vote, some of the stuff he says has me rollin
  3. So I heard Lysol stains really hard on plastic and metal
  4. :lol: :lol: Artifacts- Between A ROck And a Hard Place whole album is ill. but I listen to whatever when I write. anything at all
  5. they should bring in these trucks like they did at the G20 in philly
  6. retarded ass nigga haha :lol: :lol: digging the hand movements tho. It makes down's syndrome real gangsta
  7. :lol: yall sohuld take advantage of the concentration of police downtonw
  8. Dru Down did a collab with Tha Jacka on the Tear Gas album, but thats all I know. And Fuck LIL B
  9. If my mom took away my paint, I would kill everyone in my family because now I can't bomb the system.... :rolleyes: jus' saying and no disrespect you would be an idiot to say that graffiti is only a lifestyle. some people don't bomb and stay strictly in the books. but its one man's opinion to himself
  10. How are those sekt adapters and modified rusto fats?
  11. What's the first words a Mexican immigrant hears? Attention K-Mart shoppers... HAHA..HA...HA......HA :(
  12. Are you in graffiti for all the attention you get at school?
  13. lol best post i've seen in a while :lol:
  14. how are those sekt adapters? do they work pretty well with rusto, or are they a waste?
  15. http://myurl.in/akJ8j hunting forum. NAO
  16. those pemex throws are on point
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