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  1. ^ That's pretty easy, so you wake up feeling great every morning?
  2. FYI: we do have ambien in Australia it's just called stillnox. The first time I took 2 I was watching tv waiting for it to kick in and my couch pillows started to talk and somehow Madonna was telling me to go skydiving with her out of a hole in my house, the. I went and vomited grey shit in the shower. And passed out into a deep slumber. That was then, now I'll take it and fall into a mild sleep, sometimes i'll even wkd up a few hours later as the molecule is metabolized. If anyone faces that I recommend the extended release version which works better for a full nights sleep. Bottom line dont rely on it, it's only a short term thing.
  3. ^ shit I forgot about that, I remember laughing pretty hard. Theo huxtables commentaries on various racial stereotypes were amazing. He either goes in depth with analytical conversation or posts random pics/links. No in between.
  4. Graduated university at 23. Swore I would never go back, Until My job offered go pay, now I'm back.
  5. ^ I'm sitting on my couch at 1am, window open (absolutely NO breeze) and I'm sweating. Crispy European winter sounds great right now.
  6. Observing racial stereotypes can be funny, but a lot of the stuff posted in here is quite tasteless.
  7. ^ why do you want to humiliate this guy any further? He sounds like he has adult autism, the exaggerated stories come out of insecurity. He needs someone to point him in the right direction when it comes to attracting women his view seems kinda skewed. Penmanship, I guarantee that if you do that dating site prank you will feel awful about the hurt you'll cause them both later. Karma's also a bitch.
  8. Why are you guys talking about getting hookers in japan? I thought Japanese Women LOVE white guys?
  9. ^use it in coffee instead of milk.
  10. -Royal weddings -Cooking shows -Two and a half men.
  11. COLD! I think it's time to get a new girl.
  12. Actually vitamin B is water soluable, so anything your body doesn't need it flushes out through your urine.
  13. Your body builds a tolerance to caffeine really quick. I need at least 3 redbulls to feel anything. Nothing like adderall.
  14. When home alone 2 was showing my sister took in a HUGE plastic bag of popcorn (ok I'm not proud of that one)
  15. We had a friend like your boy when we were like 21-22 that we had double standards for, and thought his antics, and asshole ways were hilarious. As the years went by our Unconcious encouragement made him worse and people outside our circle didn't find it funny at all. Now at 27 I'm not really amused by his ways at all. I guess what I'm trying to say is be careful with encouraging querky behaviour.
  16. Ps- you'll realize there's no point in explaining logic, it's just easier to agree with them and say whatever will make them happy because they'll forget about shit 11 seconds later.
  17. I've been there, it was 2005. Grampa used to bring in wet clothes off the line from the backyard because "people will steal them" Tried to set his son and daughter on a date, he had forgotten they were siblings. It's just keeps getting worse and you want to punch things, until slowly they just sit and stare out the window or at the wall, and continue losing weight to the point that you can not only see bone but ligament as well. They lie in bed, start communicating with people who have already died then they just never wake up. I'm getting kinda emotional thinking about it, what's worse is that we'll all be there one day but probably more severe with all the weed/booze/general partying we've done in our 20's.
  18. Shit, I didn't realize they were closing in the states? If you can't sell donuts in america you can't sell them anywhere! Why do you think that is? Are people trying to eat healthier?
  19. I still sneak in snacks when I go to the movies. I'm pretty well paid, but I don't think I'll ever stop doing shit like this.
  20. I'm not giving up my old university "drink in the club/bar" cheap tricks, but here's a hint: vodka and water are the same colour.
  21. Remember when krispey Kreme first came here and people would come down from the Sydney airport with boxes upon boxes of the stuff, you'd go into one and there would be a line out the door. Then people realized that they're just donuts and got over it. Consumers are such a sucker for novelty and LOVED the idea that they were onto something exclusive no one knew about yet. Protester, do you still rate puffin fresh? I remember the passion in your eyes when telling me "these are the only YEAST DONUTS IN PERTH!!"
  22. Just take a couple of caffeine pills with your drinks and avoid the excess sugar, coloring, preservatives.
  23. there's 3 people in that photo. I hope you're not talking about weezy.
  24. ^ if it gets in the way of you getting an actual woman then I'd say it's a problem. I remember being 10 and watching foreign movies while my parents were out of the house waiting in anticipation to MAYBE seeing a sex scene/breasts the fact that kids are watching all kinds of hardcore shit on their phones blows me away.
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