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    alts, nuther couple heaters off the assembly line eh, i love your stuff man.
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    Bench motherfucker!!!! There's some great benching spots along the way, especially in the Chi-town area, and if you can spare it, it's worth your while to go slightly out of the way to Rochelle, IL. Trust.
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    Re: Great Pictures~ Bruce Davidson^, great photographer, the guy with the gun was an undercover cop. Another undercover cop was dressed as a rabbi with mad jewelry on, when the stick up kid came up to rob the rabbi, the red sweatshirt cop put the heat on him quick. here are some other bruce davidson photos:
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    Dear Me, get back in character, that's your foundation.
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    I'm racist and I think you're a moron.
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    Australia's next prime minister;
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    Good flicks. Nice Thread.
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    Theme parks/fairs Mexico Fishing Play in Mud Ride
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    fake soup is a fake. peasoup is OG
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    -Tib3- Elite Member -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! -Tib3- is the motherfuckin' champ! Posts: 3,205 Join Date: Dec 2006 Location: Erff. Status: Offline Default Re: The last person to reply to this thread... - Today, 05:52 PM What?
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    experimenting... another [already sold]. :confused: tell me what u think
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    Never really caught on with the "wanna bang friend's mom" fantasy. But it makes sense none of my friend's moms are above dock hag status. All of em look like The Fratellis mom from The Goonies and Sloth performed incestuous mating.
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    I gotta agree with SwampFight on that.When i go to Taco Bell i aint lookin for anything authentic,i want sum cheap junk food.I used to love the soft tacos but in the last few years theyve gotten really skimpy so i dont even go there as much.Put sum fuckin meat in my Taco bitches.NH haha
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    haha ya'll just bumped up a 2 year old thread. i had a great time reading through the posts. i already went to europe, planning to go back maybe next year and hit the spots i missed(suggested) in this thread. anyway, i only made it to london(again), paris, and amsterdam..then met my sister up in munich.. she's back in CA, so i don't have a solid place to crash in europe..bummer anyway, here are 3 pics some boring, random intersection. reason for taking picture? i saw a dude get fucking smashed by a bus right there in front of me when i was outside smoking a cig: stone henge: roman bath: eiffel tower: amsterdam: outside of munich: again, thanks for bumping an old thread and bringing a smile to my face edit: pics are up /not a photographer
  22. 1 point
    rough times for shawn from boy meets world http://vimeo.com/hd#14017511
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  24. 1 point
    The real question is whether a subway sandwich artist can be considered an art fag?
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    how does 10ft x 12ft sound for a beginner layout with two yars on each end of a u shaped track sound? any crits / tips ? thanks guys
  26. 1 point
    i started a gay ass food blog. kthxbai. http://sporktender.blogspot.com/
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    Maybe she was crying because you actually blacked out and were raping her? You rapist.
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    yo this thread is bomb yo... ive always wanted to say this... "for shizzle."
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  31. 1 point
    People gettin all butthurt in this bitch
  32. 1 point
    Lets see some more real graffiti in here, less graffiticreator pieces on legal walls
  33. 1 point
    Dope flying into San Diego or LA? I went in search of great whites yesterday with a girl I met last wknd and was surprised to see the water was fucking GREEN I asked a lifeguard and he said it was some sort of algae and it's completely harmless but that shit was nasty.....couldn't see my feet thru it. green water, green waves, green white wash, and a green film on the surface. Needless to say the girl I took was weirded out by it and neither of is snorkeled. Mother Nature totally cockblocked me. I got a dope shot of a sunrise over downtown with the mountains in the background this morning. I'll post it later.
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    Budgie smugglers. OK with it. I'm not going to a pool to do laps wearing fucking baggy shorts.
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    On the other hand, there's been no shortage of "ground zeros" being built near mosques since March 2003.
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    Italy, the midwest, and more girls than usual.
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    Re: Great Pictures~ eazy e can suck a big fat dick
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    i'd rather bake you a meat loaf than give you a green tic tac.
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