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  1. kill it all with fire. start over.
  2. No one gets formally charged with graff'n'dance Its an MDOP, typically. But that's up to Jake to decide.
  3. Since I highly doubt our city will be relevant to traveling writers in the coming years, it's a shame to see our deceased needlessly gone over. DSD is doing his part to preserve his and my friend's memory in what will likely be referred to as that time everyone booked a ticket to Detroit. Love or hate DSD for his DSDness (ie "nigga nigga nigga" etc), he's gotta do his thing here. Tom was a real cool, humble, and respectable dude and he bombed the corridor, which is fucked up because the corridor is a physical manifestation of purgatory. TL;DR short term hype doesn't equate with Detroit's long term. RIP Tom
  4. Hi. Forum Public Post Info Bad Picture Picture Picture
  5. Really? http://tinyurl.com/dykdxyv
  6. Cedarland? Really? Al Ameer over everything. Its the Raw Kibbee destination
  7. Dang you met chaos and revok? That's cooler than meeting Ferrari and Justo!
  8. fbsk is now an ironic hashtag on instagram GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAL!
  9. Rap lettering in general is very difficult as it is generally a requirement to recite various rap lyrics to complement your letters at all times while you rap spray. Here's to life.
  10. It's Frenel Morris... Frenel Morris wants my classic marks in exchange for vintage blocks.
  11. Does Pak have a 1920s haircut? I can set my watch to the exactness of his linework.
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