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Crocodile Tears

CURIOUS FACEBOOK FEED(s) or lack thereof endless thread.

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So every now and then you see the same memes form 5 years ago pop up on instagram and or facebbok and see the overwhelming responses from the majority of people like they've never seen the internet (we've all been guilty at one time) <titanic.jpg>


But then and again I see some shit thats more current and even original and it raises an interest. Made me think, some stuff slips through reddit or good wholesome stuff filters past 4chan and makes it on my feed, that or good friends some times post awesome shit...


The internet swallows up things pretty fast these days, and I dont know if this thread will make it 2 pages bc I think we have tried stuff before like ALL CURRENT EVENTS THREAD!!!



But the BEST OF YOUTUBE thread and ANIMATEDGIF thread and myspace pic post thread are now buried. And we have nothing to replace those. I don't care if shit goes viral relatively quickly, fuck all that jazz some stuff deserves a little shine here and there but I don't think it belongs in the NONSENSE thread.


So this got me thinking why not make a facebook feed thread with new or original shit that has not blown up or has, just the best links or pics off of your feed.



I'll start it off with this.

Super Awesome x





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Someone at work showed me this last week

They just saw it for the first time on FB

I liked it just as much as the first time I saw it in ORRY thread a few years ago





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bravo to that little kid metal clip! shit was pretty serious.


and that this is water shit was cool. all 9 minutes of it....but i actually started thinking in such a way on my

own basically about 8 months ago. it's pretty easy to get bummed out on everyday shit. just gotta think differently.

or at least try. harder. and things will not suck half as much anymore.

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I know that's not really what this thread is about, but I just felt like sharing that. I'll keep an eye out for something real out of Internet respect for Croc. But this:


I always feel really bad when I see parents with ugly babies. Especially because they usually have NO idea. Poor ugly babies. They put them in pretty dresses and cute suits and they just look like garbage pail kids. It's so sad.


Followed mere moments later with this:


Today we got to see the baby's heartbeat, surprise my grandma with a sonogram and get the most delicious prenatal vitamins they make. Tomorrow, deep sea fishing and the beach! Hooray for days off!


I wanted to ask which Garbage Pail Kid Sonogram was, because I couldn't remember, but decided not to stir up shit.

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scrolled down for as long as I could stand. So much garbage on FB. This was the only quality thing worth posting.



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