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Estate sale, yard sale, garage sale

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Anyone else fuck with these?


Hit up a couple estate sales in the last few months. Only thing I've picked up is a some super dope glazed wine glasses for this chick I'm seeing.


Seen a bunch of rad furniture but theyve been asking way too much.


Haven't done a yard or garage sale in a bit. Usually a good spot to grab some decent tools on the cheap tho.



I tend to look for art, tools, knives, fishing shit, random weird shit, and ALWAYS go thru all the vinyl just in case....

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here are a couple cigar ash trays I’ve been able to snag and a mug from a playboy club      

found these at a garden sale on weekend.   $50.00    all of them are still intact barring one missing part of one track set.   these look to be all 1980's sets.  

Copped this monkey bowl at an estate sale for $10 they had four. Looks like they were food trays gonna be my valet tray for keys, wallet, change, watch, phone.     

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I dig em. Check the estatesales.net site and then when you go to sales get on the email list. Everything goes to fifty percent off after noon the last day of the sale so if you see something you want that you think no one else will snap up then hold out and come back.


The very beginning and the very end are the most interesting times, funny to see the pros doing there thing like resellers and all that. Funny to think of people making a living being like music resellers.


Garage sales are totally different than estate sales but are worth while as well.


I am super picky about what I will get, do not want to end up with too much crap.

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Getting into auctions is some other shit, I have known some people that have made serious money doing that. As in that is all they do and they have families and house payments and shit type money.


I dropped by a estate sale today but the poster of a rabbi blessing a bunch of rockets for some act of military aggression by the Israeli state was enough to make me walk out the door.

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Jorts! Hahaha


$26.00 for sellers

$1.50 for buyers


Usually make the $26 back in like the first 30 mins. It's at a drive-in theatre so you just kinda find a spot an lay your shit out. Some people bring tables.

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this is my favorite time of year... estate and garage sales are really fun.. i get a lot of useable paint from old houses and some collectible cans as well. plus you neevr know what kinda shit you might find...ie this



techniski off season ski trainer... kinda like an old skateboard collectable thingy...

brand new in box.. dont knwo what ill do with it but prolly get hurt...

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