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my dad was very poor and had to eat beans and crackers alot for dinner.

he hates crackers now.and so do i.









fuck triscuits.the only good cracker is a graham cracker.oh and this cracker...







she kinda looks like the chic from medium or maybe it was the closer...idk but one of those blonde bitches you see on the tvbox.

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I dunno...Triscuits are hearty and delicious, regardless of flavor.


Those tomato/basil Wheat Thins are crack, but the original ones don't have much use beyond being a stand in for chips when you're that kid with health conscious parents. And will anyone trade you for em? Nope!

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some lady quit my work cuz i told her i liked foie gras.....she was a vegan/peta activist....





I think out of all the times foie gras has been said on here, 95% was said by 50million.





Shut up about it and quit acting like enjoying foie gras makes you super sophisticated and above anyone who doesn't like it.




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