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  1. when yall gonna get more of those 12oz tees in the shop tho? I'm tryna cop a couple of them joints.
  2. whats up you fags... checking in even though nobody probably remembers me lol. IG killed 12oz, its sad to say.. I miss this place for sure tho. lots of funny shit buried in a lot of these threads, got to link with a lot of writers from 12oz too. I wish it would pick back up, we need a place like 12oz that's only graffiti oriented unlike Instagram. theres a level of community on 12oz you cant get on other sites.
  3. some quick shit, not from philly originally but I always fucked with the wickeds and tryna perfect them..
  4. I take pics as a hobby, trying to get better at it.. any tips are welcome..
  5. bout to go work out, I keep trying to lose weight but chickfila be caaaaallin me.
  6. back when I first started I did basically the same shit, I wanted to meet up with this one writer so I put my name next to his whenever I seen it up, eventually we met at a park (no homo) and caught tags on all the benches and then the police came and I went to jail. FRIENDS FOR LIFE after that not really, dude doesn't even write anymores.
  7. and so it begins, again... lolol
  8. it only took 3 years lol. hopefully the new 12oz gets hits like it used to, used to be hella active site. I miss all the shenanigans in ch.0 and brickslayers lol.
  9. they replaced him with a dog voiced by the guy who played pauly on the sopranos. lets see how long this show lasts now, looks like its gonna go down hill like the simpsons did.
  10. ^where is the location of said streetside? im gonna be in town all week. might go take some pics or whatever...
  11. family guy has made a grave mistake.. rip.
  12. you not talkin about mart liquor junior on here are you?
  13. damn, this is fucked up.. terms was the man. RIP, dude was a big inspiration to me since the jump, the whole cik crew for that matter. REST IN POWER TERMS!
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