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  1. I'm still here not going anywhere. After losing my close friends I became kinda discouraged of posting on here but I'll shoot some stuff soon. I still paint on a regular. Grown man beef non Graff related definitely kept me from posting or even taking many photos but thanks for the love I'll get my things going again . Rip Ceks bloat Ames 4sho hint mr klues percept gost dun ymig aneml lazy toxic siner entce keep this list goes on and on so I'ma cut it short
  2. "Free Solo" An absolutely amazing documentary about a rock climber, Alex Honnold, who climbs Yosemite's El Capitan with out any rope or harness. It's a 3,500 ft climb and it's the first time anyone has ever climbed it with out rope. It's a spectacular, athletic achievement that's documented on film and I've personally watched this film at least ten times. It's on Hulu and Amazon Prime currently.
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