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  1. I wish It was still running. Circa 2000 or 1999?
  2. How long had it been running before it got buffed?
  3. The last of the years of internet graffiti (apart from Art Crimes)
  4. Very Detailed Story. How long ago was it?
  5. It looks like gary was photo-shopped on that bin.
  6. Done it. I did a throw up over every possible tag that is in a space of throw ups. (A suitable Spaced Wall.)
  7. When I was in year 8 to 9 I liked the Name Oven, I don't know? I did not really use it illegally just for school in my books.
  8. The worst thing is now he joined a prolific crew that i know but his not in it to get respect. Annoying, it putting me in strife now.
  9. Some of these photos are deleted :?
  10. Until a few years ago our town has got really graffiti active.
  11. All 14 years of writing the past year every piece i do is getting tagged next to by the same guy. Is it a sign. It never happened to me and I just want to know what it means.
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