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What Browser Do You Use?  

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  1. 1. What Browser Do You Use?

    • OPERA
    • IE, I dont know shit about computers

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That's the Mac version of Mozilla, right? I've heard of it, but never used it.


For the record, Safari isn't a bad browser. I had to use it on an old Mac I was using for a bit last year. It's not very secure, though.

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I guess. I don't really know much about it. Someone suggested it, I dl'd it, and made a million bookmarks with it and haven't used much else since.


But I did get Firefox more recently so I could use the Cool Iris plugin. Its a really awesome image search plugin.

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I had Cool Iris but it sucked RAM like nobody's business, and as far as I could tell all it was just a pretty news feeder so I got rid of it.


The plugins I use are Speed Dial, Secure Login, Chatzilla, Torbutton, Adblocker Plus, IP displayers (mine and the site I'm on), Gmail Notifier, a Youtube downloader, Fire Gestures and Noscript.

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Opera or Firefox?


Who has used both or has only one? Which do you think is better?


I use Firefox but its been acting really shitty and slow so I tried Opera.

But sometimes Opera doesnt load all the way or it just hangs up. Other wise then that it seems a little faster.


What do you guys think?


I have all of those loaded on my computer (+ chrome and safari to) to use for checking browser compatibility for web design.


They all are good, IE6 was the only browser I'd say really sucks.

I'm on Firefox mainly though because I like the plugins.

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i had to go out a buy a new computer today. i'm not feeling windows 7. i mean it's ok so far but, my scanner isn't compatible with it since canon does not make a driver for it. also i can't locate a 64 bit version of itunes and quicktime. it's little bullshit like that. yeah and what's up with no microsoft word in this shit...fuck! i hate having to start fresh!


any help would be appreciated.

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