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  1. bastard deceiver- female-fronted powerviolence from florida. fucking heavy. http://www.mediafire.com/?x88x8nzg7cxw6zy
  2. http://www.mediafire.com/?4u06bc7tma3vldm if you listen to heavy music and don't like black breath you're probably fucking retarded
  3. didn't flake on my jeff zuck appointment just got it pushed back 'cause i'm broke as a joke, 10 more days B)
  4. damn. new black breath track is not as good as i expected though.
  5. i don't give a shit it's still good as fuck. at this point i will trust southern lord on anything that they put out, ever except sun o))) fuck sun o)))
  6. http://deadinthedirt.bandcamp.com/album/vold-e-p heavy as fuck
  7. new ceremony album leaked http://www.mediafire.com/?l2akn2ew5ak348o
  8. ^ played with them before solid ass band A389 was sick, magrudergrind's set was probably one of the best i've ever seen. Pulling teeth's last set was insanity and of course integrity and eyehategod killed it.
  9. Got my A389 ticket yesterday also this is fucking good http://crows.bandcamp.com/album/severance
  10. trying to get out to this, if i make it i'll be the one walking on heads in a ski mask
  11. yeah i got the UK import, set me back $40. after i bought it i saw they had the goatsnake i+dog days 12" but i couldn't spend another $30
  12. picked this up today along with a copy of the black tusk/holy mountain split 7" (not my picture fuck a watermark) and i've been feeling this lately
  13. found this website with cheap ass back stock shit... santa cruz board and rome bindings for $340 http://www.djsboardshop.com/p-20609-santa-cruz-fusion-trip-out-160-mens-snowboard-rome-s90-bindings.aspx
  14. come through ohio again sometime soon i've been trying to see you guys for a long ass time
  15. also how can i get rid of a wart on my finger for cheap?
  16. you're in wrong answer? i actually just ordered a shirt from you guys :lol: i ordered a longsleeve a while ago but it got lost in the mail
  17. sinatra-notorious is one of the best things i've ever heard
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