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  1. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU Guess the bar was called local 121. My really dope, really rich gf's parents live in warwick, which you walk 5 blocks down a hill and get to east greenwich. Civil skateshop had a cool logo. Went to wickford to buy crystals at a hippy shop. Hung out with the french canadian family, played nickel, and ate dynamite. Saw where my gf spun out and totaled her car on Thurbers curve. Also noticed RHODE ISLAND ACCENT PEOPLE.
  2. Re: RHODE ISLAND PARTY THREAD FUCK YOU I visited places like warwick, east greenwhich, wickford, and providence over the holidays. Went to a bar, local 220, saw whores, funny guidos, and average east coast people. DJ played dnb and dubstep which was cool to hear while in random bar on random vacation. Didn't see any of you.
  3. I mistakenly grabbed the meat combo which includes pate from saigon sandwich the other day. horrible. taste and looked like cat food. I spit it out and left the rest on the street for one of them District 9 zombies down there.
  4. With that much pain/and or addiction I do not envy dude. Best of luck mydude.
  5. Few months ago Inspector Dubplates youtube channel was taken down. Dude had deep deep cuts. Currently downloading 8gb of Benga and Skream Discography's.
  6. Peep 3/19 in this photographers body of work called California. Found it half hour after viewing your post. http://www.malwinerafalski.com/index.php?/california/
  7. I've put on 20+ lbs in the past 3-4 months doing something like this: 4 weeks of 3x a week arms routine 4 weeks of 3x a week full-body bodyweight circuits now in my 3rd week of the 3x a week arms routine again plus high interval cardio sessions on same day supplement intake: all weeks 20+grams of whey protein + 5 grams creatine monohydrate pre-workout(1 hour, half hour accordingly) all weeks 20+grams of whey protein + 5 grams creatine monohydrate post-workout(within 20-30mins of finish) Final 4 weeks(current arms routine) of 2 scoops NO Xplode half hour pre-workout Going to cycle off creatine and NO Xplode after 4th week of current routine for 4 weeks. Hoping the high intensity intervals will cut calories and fat rapidly. Arms and chest starting to look slightly disproportional to the rest of my body so I will have to figure something else out when I cycle back on the creatine and NO Xplode. Thinking about investigating the convict conditioning workouts. I have some back/disc problems so I can not really lift heavily, or press over my head, or squat weights due to spinal compression.
  8. I've had disc issues for two years and was informed by many doctors and such that it would be a lifetime thing. Things like shooting and dull pain all up and down my back, complete numbness in my right thigh from pinched nerves, etc. I recently found a really good chiro who has helped me recover when I never thought it was possible. I was heavily doped up last year due to this back pain, now I am all opiates and even most day to day ibuprofuen free. I go twice a week, been going for 3 months. I'm not fully recovered but am really close and A LOT closer and pain free than I thought I would ever be in life. I'm really recommending you find a good chiro, like a "new school" one , stay dedicated to healing, and be patient. A chronic injury isn't going to heal over night, pain meds won't heal it, weed won't heal it, but proper treatments will. Also yoga, stretching, core exercises, massages, heat, ice, electric therapy all together will be very beneficial supplemental therapy as well. Commit yourself to healing and it will happen.
  9. Gym yoga is a joke. It might be a good place to start so you can get over whatever fear, anxiety, or story you have about it all. But go to a real studio. The personal instruction on the breathing and poses is invaluable. Try hot vinyasa flow for a real workout. Or Bikram if you want to die.
  10. Don't know if this has been posted... http://bluntsmokin.blogspot.com/ Datsik this weekend for Bay Area people.
  11. I've seen Rusko, Flying Lotus, Major Lazer, Lazersword, Eprom, Dub Gabriel, Mary Ann Hobbes, Mimosa, etc all in the past 4 months. I've been going to shows every weekend. Its been rad. I saw 12planet and 6blocc play back to back 2 weekends ago. Face melted off. Ugh. Have tickets to see Datsik, Rusko, and HARD LA this summer already. So much fun.
  12. [quote='RealityCheque';7366945 i cant fucking stand all this new age "graffiti is not a crime" bullshit like its 1993 with skateboarding. graffiti is a crime, and if its not. your doing it wrong. Yes.
  13. Whats the meaning behind cinco de mayo...
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