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  1. some sketchers, got more on my instagram ill have to figure out how to post
  2. you guys play it way to nice, theres a lot that can be improved upon on that torch sketch, the fact that you asked him if he wanted critiques you should just say whats up lol
  3. I don't care enough to look into it but I'm sure this "list" can go back way further maybe even years, especially if you count all the cannibalism in Africa and such. Being scared of zombies is gay as fuck
  4. Damn Tesk thats dope!! Nover thats cool but the extension on the O is too big it looks like a Y
  5. id like to check that space out ill try to make it fer sure
  6. These are some pictures from an art show I just had called Weapon World. Its running for about 2 months at the Milepost 5 gallery in Portland, Oregon if you want to check it out. My friend did the skulls and the owl piece. I have progress shots of the shark build on my blog if you want to check it out --> http://exowon.wordpress.com/
  7. Dude has skill for sure, lot of tattooers talk shit but he contributes in his own way. Theres a lot of shit talking about these tattoo schools and people like Gupta who dont fit the culture so to speak but a lot of those shit talkers are buying knockoff machines and power supplys and not supporting the original builders thats worse IMHO
  8. Gupta has some pretty awesome techniques I think some of his crosshatch tattoos will hold up pretty well, such as although Ive heard of people doing touchups on old Gupta "blobs"
  9. japs been doing this already http://youtu.be/DTXO7KGHtjI
  10. little hug, little kiss, big hug, little kiss, little hug
  11. If you havent seen him for that long = fair game
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