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How big is your CD/DVD/VINYL/whatever collection?

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Alright here are the following reasons why I have a lot of cd's:


1. I attend a shitload of concerts every year (I get free shit at the shows).

2. I've worked in a record store for a year.

3. I have been a DJ/Intern at a major radio station for about 4 months now.


I don't have much porn because I can't hide it in my room. My mom snoops around way too much.


And TT, where did you get 200 super nintendo games!

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hahah its actually pretty funny, it comes from two different sources, one my spoiled rotten cousin gave me about 75 of them when he moved to the carribean, the kid was so rich he had a fucking mortal kombat machine in his house so he gave me a bunch, and my neighbors used to own a video store and when they moved back to korea they gave me a fuckload of video games about maybe 110 or so, i had a bunch before, at the tme it was snes, so yeah. and a bunch of movies.

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Guest bug

man, ive got over five hundred CDs and almost 500 vinyl records. i don't have a digital camera, so i can't show you, but damn my friends tell me i should sell old shit, but fuck it, i develop relationships with my music. i don't have room for this shit anymore i think i'm gonna try burning a buncha old vinyl onto CD

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maybe 40 CD's and that's pushing it


had about 70 or 80 tapes until they got thrown out on accident


3 crates of records...whatever that equals


700 or so MP3's


and a fucking partridge in a pear tree

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I've only got about 150 CD's at the max (my own anyways ... my parents have like 700) .... about 40 DVD's and my dad has assloads of old 60's and 70's rock band vinyls

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i got about 150 cds

200 tapes

close to 1500 records

only about 20 dvds.


my dad on the other hand has like 200 dvds so i usually just get stuff off him and watch it.

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couldnt get them all in one shot so here is my 250+ cd collection...






i also got a case with about 24 cds in there, but not picture of that..that would be stupidface37.


mp3s = 980 exactly



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lets see..


220+ cds..

im low tech so no dvds i have all vhs....which ranges in the hundreds....half of which is porn....

tapes....=about 30...

i dont spin vinyl but for some reason i have a crate full...

snes games i gave away i had almost every game made.....

the collection im working on now is for ps1 and 2...:D

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I have about 60 CD's. I could have more but I'm a cheap ass. I have no DVD's, because I don't buy movies. I had a shitload of Sega games, but now we have a PS2. I don't own any of the games, they're all my brothers.


But my dad has you all beat. He has about 1000-1100+ CD's, half of which I think he buys just because they got a good review in music magazines (smoe of them he doesn't even open). He has one CD case that takes up almost the entire wall in my parent's living room, then he's got another small one on the other side of the room, which also has about 20 or so box sets, and a bunch of music books. He has a big huge cabinet with about 600 cassettes in it. He has at least 2000 records, they're in the living room, and all over the basement. But he's been collecting them since like the 60's, so I guess it's not too surprising. And he actually knows like exactly where each one is....


My dad likes music.....

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I have...


- 1 CD

- About 7 casettes

- About 150 records


I got a friend w/1500+ records. All originals, no re-pressings.

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Guest 455

Damn,Rage...you have quite a bit of music..last time I counted I had over 300 tapes(mostly originals),about 60 cd's and probably 80 records....the only thing is I collect hard to find stuff..you know,like instead of buying new music right when it comes out..I search for something like Aceyalones' "All Balls Don't Bounce" that I can get used for 5 or 10 dollars..then trade it off for vinyl.nice thread.

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Originally posted by w3nisT

10871 mp3s mostly full albums


Hot damn kid! That's sick! :eek:

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4212 tracks in playlist, average track length: 4:17

Estimated playlist length: 301 hours 34 minutes 3 seconds

(4176 tracks of unknown length)

Right-click here to save this HTML file.


Playlist files:


D-Kandle - Psykedelic Realm

Daniel Bedingfield - gotta get through this (d n d radio edit)

DJ Joe - Live @ Amnesia, Sweden

DJ QBert - A Word From Fresh Breath Mouth

dj qbert - camel bobsled race

dj qbert - DJ Q Bert & A-Trak - Practice Scratch Session

Dj Qbert - DMC Battle 1992

dj qbert - finals.mp3

dj qbert - Funky breakbeat.mp3

dj qbert - ha ha skratch.mp3

dj qbert - i miss you blobula.mp3

dj qbert - invisible scratch pickles (mixing).mp3

dj qbert - james brown.mp3

dj qbert - street fighter vs. mortal kombat (streetmix).mp3

dj qbert - Style Warz Side One.mp3

dj qbert - Super Mario Brothers Theme (remix).mp3

dj qbert - vs. Mixmaster Mike.mp3

eiffel 65 - 80 s stars.mp3

helloween - future world (live).mp3

ill nino - what comes around.mp3

LASGO - Alone (Peter Luts remix).mp3

ppk - Resurection (The Perfecto Edit).mp3

ren and stimpy - happy, happy, joy, joy.mp3

reni jusis - Jakby przez sen.mp3

rob gee - Let ya feet stomp.mp3

sasha and john digweed - communicate.mp3

Shiggar Fraggar 2000 - the famous finger bangers.mp3

Shiggar Fraggar featuring Dj Q-Bert, Disk, Shortkut, and Flare - Flare Fresh Flare.mp3

tegma - doppelganger.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - And We're Back.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - Cocaine.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - Flash is Bad, Flash is Good.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - Funky Phone.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - Hit Me With Your Clown Kit.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - I Dream of Jacko.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - It's Time... to Practice.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - Jungle.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - KCAT-FM.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - KLSD-FM.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - KWARS-FM.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - Listen to the BASS.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - MC Billie Jean.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - Plastic Man Skratch.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - Shiggeralert.mp3

The Shiggar Fraggar Show! Vol. 2 - Sponsered by....mp3

(Catch 22)-[03]Keasbey Nights.mp3

01-paul van dyk - live at kremlin amsterdam 28-04-01-1real.mp3

10 - Reggie and the Full Effect - Thanks for Staying.mp3

10-missy-get ur freak on (remix)-whoa.mp3

112 - peaches and cream.mp3

112, Jay-Z & Lil' Kim - Peaches and Cream (Remix).mp3

2 in a tank - boogie woogie bugle boy.mp3

2.0 Sono - Keep Control (Extended Mix).mp3

3 steps ahead - thunderdome till we die.mp3

A trip to the moon - conversation with carlos (kiwi music).mp3

ace warrior - baby i'm on fire.mp3

ACO-Wallflowers - 6th avenue Heartache (acoustic).mp3

adam sandler - the buffoon and the valedictorian.mp3

add n to (x) - plug me in.mp3

al tariq - Feel This Shit.mp3

alan braxe and fred falke - intro (original club mix).mp3

alec empire - low on ice.mp3

alexia - Summer Is Crazy (DJ BPM Remix).mp3

alfill 55 - blue.mp3

alien ant farm - movies.mp3

alirio diaz - masterpieces of the spanish guitar.mp3

alizee - Moi Lolita (Forge Mix).mp3

american history x - the white man marches on.mp3

Andy Metz - Just Fine.mp3

angelic - stay with me.mp3

Anokah - Chai ga.mp3

aphrodite - i got five on it (drum and bass remix).mp3

apoptygma berzerk - kathy`s song.mp3

armand van helden - breakdancers call.mp3

armand van helden - entra mi casa.mp3




artist - New York Bar -Volume 1.mp3

astral projection - aurora borealis.mp3

ATB & Eiffel 65 - Put Your Hands Up In The Air.mp3

ATB & Paul Van Dyke (rave mix) DJ Special K.mp3

ATB - It's a Fine Day (Featuring Miss Jane).mp3

ATB vs Alice DJ - The Matrix.mp3

ATB- 9pm Til I Come (Extended).mp3

atoms family - 2 cool cats.mp3

atoms family - Adversity Strikes (Cryptic Remix).mp3

atoms family - adversity strikes.mp3

atoms family - atoms all stars.mp3

atoms family - Cholesterol.mp3

atoms family - not for promotional use.mp3

atoms family - nuthin really happens paradoxical state mix.mp3

atoms family - one+one.mp3

atoms family - persec.mp3

atoms family - persecution of hip hop.mp3

atoms family - rhyming for dummies.mp3

atoms family - small violins.mp3

atoms family - who am i.mp3

atrium - interface.mp3

aurora feat. naimee coleman - ordinary world.mp3

ayla - into the light.mp3

bad boy bill - Stomp To My Beat (Rascal Club Mix).mp3

bad religion - punk rock song.mp3

bajo palabra - la comisar a.mp3

barenaked ladies - Dissing Marilyn Manson To The Tune Of Bittersweet Symphony (Live).mp3

barry white - you're the first, the last, my everything.mp3

BARTHEZZ - on the move (dj Shockz Club Mix icq-16472720).mp3

basement jaxx - red alert.mp3

bbmak - ghost of you and me.mp3

Beatles - Elenor Rigby.mp3

Beatles 1 - yesterday.mp3

Because I Got High - Afro Man.mp3

benjamin diamond - little scare (plastikdubs extended).mp3

big tymers - get your roll on.mp3

biostatics - brain hack.mp3

biz markie - just a friend.mp3


blink 182 - shit piss fuck cunt cocksucker motherfucker tits fart turd 'n twat.mp3

blue - eiffel.mp3

blumchen - angel of love.mp3

blumchen - blaue augen.mp3

blumchen - boomerang.mp3

blumchen - du und ich.mp3

blumchen - nur getraumt.mp3

boris dlugosch - never enough chocolate puma rm.mp3

bt - The Revolution.mp3

buckcherry - for the movies.mp3

cake - Meanwhile, Rick James....mp3

cake - opera singer.mp3

cake - shadow stabbing.mp3

cannibal ox - A B-Boy's Alpha.mp3

cannibal ox - iron galaxy.mp3

cannibal ox - ox out the cage.mp3

cannibal ox - painkillers.mp3

cannibal ox - pigeons.mp3

cannibal ox - rasberry fields.mp3

cannibal ox - real earth.mp3

cannibal ox - stress rap.mp3

cannibal ox - The F Word.mp3

cannibal ox - Vein.mp3

card captor sakura - catch you catch me.mp3

cargo - Sex Appeal.mp3

case - missing you.mp3

CD2- Mixed By BK - Flash - BK & Nick Sentience.mp3

ce ce peniston - Finally (Extended Classic Club Mix).mp3

ceremony x feat. dj enrico - Keep It Alive (Extended).mp3

charlie musselwhite - Blues Harp Boogie.mp3

charlie musselwhite - harpin' on a riff.mp3

Cheb Mami K-mel - Parisien du nord (remix).mp3

chicane - no ordninary morning.mp3

Christina Aguilera, Mya, Pink, Lil Kim - Lady Marmalade.mp3

Clapy Fingers - I Dream Of You (Sventura's In Dream Mix).mp3

club mix - my heart skips a beat.mp3

Cold Play - yellow.mp3

coldplay - Yelow.mp3

Cosma - your 911.mp3

Counting Crows - Color Blind.mp3

coyote ugly soundtrack - One way or the other.mp3

crossbreed - breathe.mp3

crossbreed - concentrate.mp3

crossbreed - painted red.mp3

crossbreed - pure energy.mp3

crossbreed - seasons.mp3

crossbreed - stem.mp3

crossbreed - Underlined.mp3

crush - mandy moore.mp3

Crystalis - Opening Theme.mp3

cuban link - flowers for the dead.mp3

cut chemist - alphabet aerobics.mp3

cut chemist - biggety balls monkey the.mp3

cut chemist - CutChemist vs ShortKut.mp3

cut chemist - fats comet's tackhead beat.mp3

cut chemist - layered laird.mp3

cut chemist - lesson 4 the radio.mp3

cut chemist - lesson 6.mp3

cut chemist - let's dance on planet rock.mp3

cut chemist - life as a shorty shouldn't.mp3

cut chemist - Moonbase Alpha.mp3

cut chemist - no mistakes in this number.mp3

cut chemist - prince of beats.mp3

cut chemist - rare equations.mp3

cut chemist - rubber tires.mp3

cut chemist - the lecture.mp3

cut chemist - You Are Getting Scratchy.mp3

da damn phreak noize phunk - grand royal.mp3

da hool - wankers on duty.mp3

dance - you see the trouble with me.mp3

Dante ft Pras - Miss California (Album Version).mp3

Dave Elyzium - The Next One.mp3

deep dance - 7201.mp3

delbert mcclinton - too much stuff.mp3

Delerium feat. Leigh Nash - innocente (dj tiesto mix).mp3

delirium - innocente (dj tiesto remix).mp3

denki groove - Mayday 2001.mp3

diana haddad - mani mani.mp3

diana ross - i will survive.mp3

dick dale - misirlou.mp3

dido - thank you.mp3

digable planets - graffiti.mp3

Disco Kandi Vol.2 -CD1 - Do It To Me Again.mp3


dj 600v - nie jestem kurwa biznesmenem.mp3

dj alligator project - The Whistle Song 3 (Club Version).mp3

dj alligator project - The Wistle Song.mp3

dj arnaldo torres - move your brain.mp3

dj babu - scratch break.mp3

DJ Ceddie & Chris Bishop - Energy 92.7 & 5 mixer Search Demo.mp3

dj epic - Final Fantasy (Rave Mix).mp3

dj garcha - mousse de amor.mp3

dj garcha - ok.mp3

dj honda - on tha mic.mp3

dj hype - extra hard house mix.mp3

dj hype - smack my bitch up.mp3

dj icon - Live @ Mayday 2001.mp3

Dj John Robertson - Dj Johnny R-The House Mix.mp3

dj jurgen - night clubbing hero.mp3

dj mystik - ordinary world 2001.mp3

dj paul elstak - musica rave.mp3

dj promo - dancefloor hardcore.mp3

dj promo - i come correct.mp3

dj qbert - 1991 dmc usa champion.mp3

dj qbert - aphrodisiskratch.mp3

dj qbert - breakbeat 6.mp3

dj qbert - cosmic assassins.mp3

dj qbert - dr. octagon showcase in la.mp3

dj qbert - electric eye beam abduction.mp3

dj qbert - electric scratch dome.mp3

dj qbert - enter the wave twisters.mp3

dj qbert - inner space dental commander.mp3

dj qbert - invasion of the octopus people.mp3

dj qbert - old school scratching.mp3

dj qbert - paranoia.mp3

dj qbert - razor blade alcohol slide.mp3

dj qbert - razorblade alcohol slide.mp3

dj qbert - redworm.mp3

dj qbert - scratchdome.mp3

dj qbert - sneak attack.mp3

dj qbert - street fighter mix.mp3

dj qbert - street fighter vs mortal kombat.mp3

dj qbert - turntable tv.mp3

dj rob gee - Catastrophe.mp3

dj rob gee - Mega Mix Live.mp3

dj rob gee - Raver's Movement.mp3

dj sasone - Clint Eastwood rmx.mp3

dj sasone - Tecnomaniak.mp3

dj shadow - what does your soul look like.mp3

dj spooky - galactic funk.mp3

dj taucher - Airwave 3 - Escape from Nowhere.mp3

dj taucher - Bells Of Avalon.mp3

dj taucher - Bizarre.mp3

dj taucher - Child Of The Universe (Mixed by John Fleming - The Best Trance Anthems Ever! CD 2).mp3

dj taucher - child of the universe.mp3

dj taucher - DJ Tatana & DJ Energy - End of Time.mp3

dj taucher - flussig.mp3

dj taucher - Lost In Love.mp3

dj taucher - mayday 2000 live.mp3

dj taucher - Mission Control - Standby.mp3

dj taucher - night shift.mp3

dj taucher - Pictures of a gallery (kay cee remix).mp3

dj taucher - raver world mix.mp3

dj taucher - sanvean (radio edit).mp3

dj taucher - Science Fiction (Cosmic Gate Remix).mp3

dj taucher - Trance Cowboys - Be Free.mp3

dj taucher - wave remix trance progressive s.mp3

dj taucher - winter love.mp3

dj taucher - winterlove.mp3

Dj Te-Deum - Med'In Fire.mp3

dj vadim - aural prostitution.mp3

dj vadim - building tension in 2 dimensions.mp3

dj vadim - cold rock def box.mp3

dj vadim - conquest of the irrational.mp3

dj vadim - english breakfast.mp3

dj vadim - friction.mp3

dj vadim - from russia with love.mp3

dj vadim - headz still ain't ready.mp3

dj vadim - herbaliser.mp3

dj vadim - how to exercise the turntable record player.mp3

dj vadim - it's obvious.mp3

dj vadim - london mind state.mp3

dj vadim - lounge shiznitz.mp3

dj vadim - micro course in russian.mp3

dj vadim - non lateral hypothesis.mp3

dj vadim - the piano song.mp3

dj vadim - the pimp theme.mp3

dj vadim - the terrorist.mp3

dj vadim - theme from conquest of the irrational.mp3

dj vadim - Vad Forgive Me (Bullfrog Kid Koala mix).mp3

dj vadim - Variations In U.S.S.R. (Silent Poets Remix).mp3

dj vadim - viagra %.mp3

dj vadim - viagra.mp3

dj vadim - your revolution.mp3

dj valium - Doin' it again (Extended Vocal Mix).mp3

dj visage - der totale beat.mp3

dj visage - formula.mp3

dj visage - geil.mp3

dj visage - Rock That Sound.mp3

dj visage - schumacher.mp3

dj visage - the return (club mix).mp3

dj visage - the return.mp3

dr. demento - beep beep.mp3

dr. demento - boot to the head.mp3

dr. demento - cows with guns.mp3

dr. demento - fish heads.mp3

dr. demento - i saw daddy kissing santa claus.mp3

dr. demento - monster mash.mp3

dr. demento - shaving cream.mp3

dr. demento - star trekkin.mp3

dr. demento - the devil went down to jamaica.mp3

Dr. Demento - There Coming To Take Me Away, Ha-Haaa!.mp3

dr. demento - wet dream.mp3

dream - He Loves You Not (Hex Hector Club Mix).mp3

dreamgate gladiator - now we are free.mp3

drowning pool - bodies.mp3

drums - ibiza royal drum drums mix.mp3

dune - hardcore vibes.mp3

dune - rainbow to the stars.mp3

dune - starchild.mp3

Dune vs. Trubblemaker - Hardcore Vibes 2000.mp3

eagles - hotel california.mp3

ed o.g. - Sayin Something.mp3

eve - let me blow your mind.mp3

faithless - one step too far.mp3

fatboy slim - body movin.mp3

feeder - Buck Rodgers.mp3

fiona apple - across the universe.mp3

floorpunch - Always.mp3

floorpunch - no exceptions.mp3

floorpunch - not for me.mp3

floorpunch - the answer.mp3

floorpunch - Time To Heal.mp3

G Dep feat. Puff Daddy, Black Rob - Lets Get It.mp3

gary d - Special Turntablemix By Gary D..mp3

geri halliwell - it's raining men.mp3

ghost town dj's - my boo.mp3

gigi d'agostino - another way.mp3

gigi d'agostino - bla bla bla (dark mix).mp3

gigi d'agostino - bla bla bla.mp3

gigi d'agostino - elisir.mp3

gigi d'agostino - i'll fly with you (club mix).mp3

gigi d'agostino - i'll fly with you.mp3

gigi d'agostino - la passion.mp3

gigi d'agostino - music.mp3

gigi d'agostino - star.mp3

gigi d'agostino - the riddle.mp3

gigi d'agostino - the way.mp3

gigi dagostino - i'll fly with you (johnny vicious club mix).mp3

ginuwine - pony.mp3

gitta vs rozalla - Everybody No More Turning Back.mp3

goldfrapp - bonus.mp3

Gorilaz - clint eastwood (djjuliopachecomix).mp3

Grand Menage - magahena.mp3

Guang Liang - di yi ci.mp3

HARDCORE-Omar Santana - Kick Some isht (Lenny Dee & Dj Skinhead).mp3

helge schneider - Das alte Reinhold-Helge-Spiel.mp3

Hex Hector Vocal Club Mix Deborah Cox - Absolutely Not.mp3

holymen - the last universe (live remix).mp3

house heroes - Magic Orgasm (Club 69 Future Mix).mp3

I janet jackson - Someone To Call My Lover (Hex Hector Mix).mp3

ian o'brien - Eden.mp3

Ian Pooley feat Esthero - Balmes (Pooley's New Vocal Mix).mp3

ian van dahl - castles in the sky.mp3

Idle Hands Soundtrack - 01-the living end-second solution-ap.mp3

iggesundsg nget - lappgumman.mp3

illya kuriaki - coolo.mp3

isley brothers - Contageous.mp3

isley brothers - Contagious.mp3

italo disco - italo disco mix 2000.mp3

its not right but its okay - Rockstar 69 Mix.mp3

jabdah - jabdah (future club remix).mp3

jadakiss - Put Your Hands Up.mp3

jagged edge - let's get married (remarqable remix).mp3

jagged edge - lets get married (remix).mp3

jagged edge - Promise (So So Def Remix).mp3

Jessi's- DJ Venom - Tetris Track.mp3

JFLo - REvolution.mp3

JFLo, Darude VS Klubbheads Vs Robert Miles - Kick the Children of the Sandstorm Hard (J-Flo REMIX).mp3

john zorn - a shot in the dark.mp3

john zorn - batman.mp3

john zorn - blood duster.mp3

john zorn - idalah-abal.mp3

john zorn - igneous ejaculation.mp3

john zorn - latin quarter.mp3

john zorn - lonely woman.mp3

john zorn - masada (live in chicago).mp3

john zorn - punk china doll.mp3

john zorn - reanimator.mp3

john zorn - rockabilly.mp3

john zorn - sacrifist.mp3

john zorn - saigon pickup.mp3

john zorn - Spillane.mp3

john zorn - tex avery directs the marquis de sade.mp3

john zorn - the good the bad and the ugly.mp3

john zorn - the james bond theme.mp3

john zorn - the sicilian clan.mp3

john zorn - torture garden.mp3

john zorn - you will be shot.mp3

John Zorn - Bar Kokhba (Disc 1) - 09 - Mahlah.mp3

John Zorn - Kristallnacht - 01 - Ghetto Life.mp3

jonathan peters - angles (white label mix).mp3

joy kitikonti - Joyenergizer (Psico Mix).mp3

juan luis guerra - burbujas de amor.mp3

judas priest - living after midnight.mp3

jungle - dj brockie with mc det & mc skibadee.mp3

juvenile - ha (hot boys remix).mp3

Kate Ryan - scream for more (radio edit).mp3

KC FAIRLITE featuring TKA - Feel The Music (Mike Cerbo's ktu Mix).mp3

ken ishii - LIVE @ I Love Techno 602.mp3

kid 606 - Dodgy.mp3

kiss kiss - stella soleil kiss.mp3

klubbheads - kickin' hard.mp3

konishi yasuharu - I Love FPM (Konishi Yasuharu Mix).mp3

kraftwerk - airwaves.mp3

Kraftwerk - Computer Love.mp3

kraftwerk - das modell.mp3

kraftwerk - metropolis.mp3

Kraftwerk - Pocket Calculator.mp3

kraftwerk - radioactivity.mp3

kraftwerk - radioland.mp3

kraftwerk - sex object.mp3

kraftwerk - the model.mp3

kraftwerk - the robots.mp3

Kraftwerk- The Hall Of Mirrors.mp3


kylie minogue - Cant Get You Out Of My Head.mp3

la vania - agua y amor.mp3

Lightning Hunter - Crystalis End World (Techno Remix).mp3

Lightning Hunter - Ninja Gaiden - Masked Devil (Techno Remix.mp3

Lightning Hunter - Red Alert - Big Foot (Techno Remix).mp3

lil mo - super woman.mp3

lionel ritchie - sail on.mp3


lords of acid - the wet dream.mp3

Lovestern Galaktika feat. Daisy D. - Are You Ready.mp3

mad alien - KWISATZ.mp3

madison avenue vs disco babes - white label bootleg.mp3

marco bailey - live mayday 2001 riva cut.mp3

Marco V live - sensation 2001.mp3

marilyn manson - Tainted Love.mp3

mark anthony - i need to know.mp3

mauro picotto - gigi d'agostino rmx.mp3

Mauro Picotto ---hutch------- - Like This Like That.mp3

maxwell - dance with me.mp3

Memphis Bleek - The Understanding - 02 - Do My (Ft Jay-Z).mp3

Metallica Assault - Sanitarium.mp3

michael jackson vs baby bumps - dont stop till you get enough (white label mix).mp3

micranots - 141 million miles.mp3

micranots - balance.mp3

micranots - critical.mp3

micranots - culture.mp3

micranots - exodus.mp3

Micranots - Illegal Busyness.wma

micranots - monuments.mp3

micranots - mothers day.mp3

micranots - pitch black ark.mp3

micranots - preparations.mp3

micranots - queen supreme.mp3

micranots - sun salutations.mp3

micranots - the willie lynch.mp3

micranots - visualistic.mp3

milk inc - livin a lie kevin marshall remix vinyl.mp3

milk inc the moon lasgo kat - never again sushi something.mp3

ministry of sound - Clubbers Guide to Ibiza Summer 2001 CD2.mp3

modjo - what i mean.mp3

moloko - Pure Pleasure Seeker (Murk Deep South Mix).mp3

monica - I Keep it to myself (osunlade mix).mp3

monica - Street Symphony Cyptron Zone III Remix (Freaky DJ Mix).mp3

muse - megalomania.mp3

music - collusion conspiracy.mp3

nelly - come over.mp3

Nelly Fortado - Turn Off The Light.mp3

nelly furtado - Im Like A Bird (Junior Vasquez Mix).mp3

neophyte - blow that shit.mp3

neophyte - Execute.mp3

neophyte - happy is voor homo's.mp3

neptunes - Lap Dance.mp3

nine inch nails - starfuckers, inc (live new york with marilyn manson).mp3

Nintendo - (Orchestrated) - Zelda - Link's Awakening - Endin.mp3

Nintendo - Dr. Mario - Chill.mp3

Nintendo - Dr. Mario - Fever.mp3

Nintendo - Dr. Mario.mp3

no doubt - don't speak.mp3

noir d sir - tostaky.mp3

non phixion - 5 boros.mp3

non phixion - black helicopters.mp3

non phixion - End Of The World.mp3

non phixion - hot 97 freestyle.mp3

non phixion - how to kill a cop.mp3

non phixion - i shot reagan.mp3

non phixion - legacy.mp3

non phixion - no tomorrow.mp3

non phixion - refuse to lose.mp3

non phixion - Skum.mp3

non phixion - sleepwalkers.mp3

non phixion - the full monty.mp3

non phixion - they got (original version).mp3

non phixion - They Got.mp3

non phixion - this is not an exercise.mp3

non phixion - thug tunin.mp3

non phixion - war is everywhere.mp3

noreaga - super thug.mp3

pantera - cemetary gates.mp3

pantera - respect.mp3

pantera - this love.mp3

part 'n' one - i'm so crazy (promo mix).mp3

paul oakenfold - braveheart (remix).mp3

paul oakenfold - global underground new york cd1.mp3

paul okenfold - Send Me An Angel (remix).mp3

paul van dyk - beyond the stars.mp3

paul van dyk - for an angel.mp3

paulina rubio - Y yo Sigo Aqui (virtualsound extended.mix).mp3

pedro del moral - Antoine Clamaran-- Trachade.mp3

pedro del moral - Hatiras feat. John Slarta-- Spaced Invader (Olav Basosky Remix).mp3

pharoah monch - rape.mp3

Pharoah Monch - Simon Says (Get the Fuck Up).mp3

pharoah monch - The Next Shit (feat. busta rhymes).mp3

polish - national anthem of poland.mp3

Prisoners of the Sun - ASCII Porn.mp3

puddle of mudd - control.mp3

r kelly & jay z - fiesta remix.mp3

r. kelly - R. Kelley You Remind me of Something.mp3

radiohead - creep.mp3

ram trilogy - both worlds.mp3

rammstein - barbie girl.mp3

rammstein - das modell (non-stop kraftwerk remix).mp3

rammstein - du hast (techno remix).mp3

rammstein - du hast 2000 (dj victor millenium mix).mp3

rammstein - Engel (Rare DJ Victor Speed Metal House Mix).mp3

rammstein - hallelujah.mp3

rammstein - you hate (robotronic kraftwerk mix).mp3

rank 1 - Such Is Life (Rank 1's Deep Dub Mix).mp3

red hot chili peppers - aeroplane.mp3

red sector - invasion over berlin (club energy mix).mp3

remo - The Flute Song.mp3

rob gee - Na Na (The Masochist remix).mp3

roc raida - who you fkin wit.mp3

rockell - what u did 2 me.mp3

roger sanchez - another chance.mp3

safri duo - Played A-live (Original Club Mix).mp3

safri duo - Samb Adagio (club mix).mp3

sau - No voliem fer-nos grans.mp3

saves the day - 05 - i melt with you.mp3

saves the day - hold.mp3

scarface soundtrack - Say Hello To My Little Friend.mp3

scooter - Posse (Club Mix).mp3

selecta tezka - roots reggae mix part I.mp3

selecta tezka - roots reggae mix part III.mp3

sepultura - kaiowas.mp3

sepultura - orgasmatron.mp3

sepultura - propaganda.mp3

sepultura - ratamahatta.mp3

sepultura - refuse resist.mp3

sepultura - roots bloody roots.mp3

sepultura - Sepulnation.mp3

sepultura - territory.mp3

sezen aksu - hadi bakalim.mp3

slayer - angel of death.mp3

slayer - in a gadda da vida.mp3

smashing pumpkins - beautiful people (live marilyn manson cover).mp3

Smut Peddlers feat. Cage & Mr. Eon - One By One.mp3

Songs 4 Worship - My Life Is In You, Lord.mp3

soundtrack - Bring It On I'm Sexy, I'm Cute, I'm Popular to Boot.mp3

sublime - date rape.mp3

superchumbo - Revolution (High Club Mix).mp3

system f - indian summer.mp3

system of a down - f the system.mp3

system of a down - Shame On A Nigga.mp3

tarkan - bu gece (club remix).mp3

tarkan - simarik (latin remix).mp3

tarkan - simarik (long version).mp3

tarkan - simarik (oriental mix).mp3

tarkan - unutmamali.mp3

tatu - Ya soshla s uma (Kadet remix).mp3

Te amo.mp3

techno - bittersweet symphony.mp3

techno - Castles In The Sky (Peter Luts remix-wf).mp3

techno - mozart (techno remix).mp3

Tetris rave mix.mp3


the beatnuts - watch out now.mp3

the juliana theory - august in bethany.mp3

the narcs - heart and soul.mp3

the underdog project - summer jam.mp3

The Horrorist - One Night in NYC (Chris Liebing).mp3

tool - maynard's dick.mp3

track - Pure Garage 3 disc 2 Dammmm.mp3

Tramaine Hawkins - Fall Down.mp3

Trance & House - Deep Hard Progressive House.mp3

trance control - this is my house.mp3

tv themes - flipper.mp3

tyrese - lately.mp3

tyrese - sweet lady.mp3

ultra nate - Get it Up (Full Intention Mix).mp3

uncle cracker - Follow Me.mp3

underworld - cowgirl.mp3

underworld - new wave of acid techno.mp3

uptown - i'm losing you.mp3

usher - you make me wanna (timbaland remix).mp3

v - Joe Satriani Raspberry Jam Delta.mp3

vader - xeper.mp3

van morrison - someone like you.mp3

Vandals I Have A Date.mp3

various artists - GOOSEBUMP FEAT ROMINA JOHNSON - never gonna do.mp3

vision of disorder - element.mp3

vnv nation - standing.mp3

Vodoo And Serano - Club.mp3

weltlichter - Vision of Love (club mix).mp3

01-Daft Punk-One More Time-pR.mp3

02-Daft Punk-Aerodynamic-pR.mp3

03-Daft Punk-Digital Love-pR.mp3

04-Daft Punk-Harder Better Faster Stronger-pR.mp3

05-Daft Punk-Crescendolls-pR.mp3

06-Daft Punk-Nightvision-pR.mp3

07-Daft Punk-Superheroes-pR.mp3

08-Daft Punk-Highlife-pR.mp3

09-Daft Punk-Something About Us-pR.mp3

10-Daft Punk-Voyager-pR.mp3

11-Daft Punk-Verdis Quo-pR.mp3

12-Daft Punk-Short Circuit-pR.mp3

13-Daft Punk-Face To Face-pR.mp3

14-Daft Punk-Too Long-pR.mp3
















01-Cruise Mood 101.mp3

02-Glass Prism Enclosed.mp3







09-Sub Species.mp3

10-We Can Build You.mp3

11-Blood Money.mp3


01-wu-tang clan-in the hood-ego.mp3

02-wu-tang clan-rules-ego.mp3

03-wu-tang clan-chrome wheels-ego.mp3

04-wu-tang clan-soul power (b jungle) ft flavor fav-ego.mp3

05-wu-tang clan-uzi (pinky ring)-ego.mp3

06-wu-tang clan-one of these days-ego.mp3

07-wu-tang clan-yall be warned-ego.mp3

08-wu-tang clan-babies-ego.mp3

09-wu-tang clan-radioactive (4 assasins)-ego.mp3

10-wu-tang clan-back in the game ft ron isley-ego.mp3

11-wu-tang clan-iron flag-ego.mp3

12-wu-tang clan-dashing (reasons)-ego.mp3

cd1-01-funkdoobiest iriscience-stretchin-djp.mp3

cd1-02-dilated peoples-target practice-djp.mp3

cd1-03-joey chavez evidence-peoples and places-djp.mp3

cd1-04-rasco defari evidence-major league-djp.mp3

cd1-05-dilated peoples tash-soundbombing-djp.mp3

cd1-06-iriscience-pounds 4 dollars-djp.mp3

cd1-07-dilated peoples ag defari xzibit-rework the angle-djp.mp3

cd1-08-swollen members iriscience dj babu-rpm-djp.mp3

cd1-09-darkleaf iriscience-beneath the surface-djp.mp3

cd1-10-defari evidence-focused daily-djp.mp3

cd1-11-dilated peoples jizzm-bassd on principle-djp.mp3

cd1-12-dj vadim iriscience dj primecuts-friction-djp.mp3

cd1-13-declaime evidence lootpack-trouble n da west-djp.mp3

cd1-14-evidence-you can make the choice-djp.mp3

cd1-15-lexicon 2mex iriscience lmno kazi-six shooter-djp.mp3

cd1-16-defari dilated peoples-behold my life-djp.mp3

cd1-17-swollen members evidence everlast-bottle rocket-djp.mp3

cd1-18-evidence dj revolution red foo-the freshest-djp.mp3

cd1-19-dilated peoples-search 4 bobby fischer-djp.mp3


cd1-21-joey chavez iriscience-live-djp.mp3

cd1-22-iriscience dj babu-on deadly ground-djp.mp3

cd2-01-defari dilated peoples-basics-djp.mp3

cd2-02-dilated peoples-suckers are hidin-djp.mp3

cd2-03-lootpack dilated peoples-long awaited-djp.mp3

cd2-04-the high and mighty evidence defari-top prospects-djp.mp3

cd2-05-dilated peoples-right and exact-djp.mp3

cd2-06-dj revolution evidence-evolution-djp.mp3

cd2-07-joey chavez evidence-reservation for one-djp.mp3

cd2-08-swollen members evidence chali 2na-full contact-djp.mp3

cd2-09-dilated peoples-global dynamics-djp.mp3

cd2-10-iriscience last emperor maylay sparks-claimin res-djp.mp3

cd2-11-dilated peoples-downtown-djp.mp3


cd2-13-evidence mr. eon-emc2 remix-djp.mp3

cd2-14-mykill miers iriscience-do the math-djp.mp3

cd2-15-dilated peoples-strength-djp.mp3

cd2-16-defari dilated peoples-third degree-djp.mp3

cd2-17-dilated peoples-the ruggedness-djp.mp3

cd2-18-evidence dj babu-heart pound-djp.mp3

cd2-19-dilated peoples-end of the tim-djp.mp3

cd2-20-dilated peoples-heavy lighting-djp.mp3

cd2-21-encore evidence-filthy-djp.mp3

cd2-22-iriscience-pushing limits-djp.mp3

cd2-23-swollen members dilated peoples-counter parts-djp.mp3

01-nuthin but a g thang-cms.mp3

02-gin and juice-cms.mp3

03-afro puffs-cms.mp3

04-natural born killaz-cms.mp3

05-murder was the case-cms.mp3

06-lil ghetto boy-cms.mp3

07-let me ride-cms.mp3

08-california love-cms.mp3

09-fuck wit dre day (and everybodys celebratin)-cms.mp3

10-serial killa-cms.mp3

11-stranded on death row-cms.mp3

12-nuthin but a g thang (remix)-cms.mp3

01-elohim 777-ftd.mp3

02-metu neter-ftd.mp3

03-incense and oils part 1-ftd.mp3

04-nubian conquest feat. sumach-ftd.mp3

05-jahova777 feat. sumach-ftd.mp3

06-jungle is hip hop feat. ras orah-ftd.mp3

07-pi squared feat. subtitle okito and lexicon-ftd.mp3

08-foundation of human understanding feat. mr. brady-ftd.mp3

09-incense and oils part 2-ftd.mp3


11-video game existence feat. scarub-ftd.mp3

12-neumonic exposure feat. imiuswi-ftd.mp3

13-world of hate feat. master and zagu-ftd.mp3

14-incense and oils part 3-ftd.mp3

15-inside you-ftd.mp3

16-love triangle feat. lady blue-ftd.mp3



03-1034 (it was written)-cms.mp3


05-alien race-cms.mp3

06-about the author-cms.mp3

07-h and g 1 and 2 (interlude)-cms.mp3

08-get paid-cms.mp3

09-one life feat. jdoubleu-cms.mp3

10-more b.s.-cms.mp3

11-i tried-cms.mp3

12-for you-cms.mp3

13-it ends tonight feat. outerlimitz-cms.mp3

14-desert eagle-cms.mp3

15-reinventing the blunt-cms.mp3

16-quantum leaf-cms.mp3

17-heavens mirrors feat. jdoubleu-cms.mp3

18-simple minds-cms.mp3

19-in due time-cms.mp3

20-h and g 3 (interlude)-cms.mp3

21-tj.g.p.f. feat. juice and o-type star-cms.mp3

22-walk thru walls feat. hellsent-cms.mp3

23-f.u. frontline feat. atlas jdoubleu banner gras and chauncie gardner-cms.mp3

01 Introduction to the Funk-DDP.mp3

02 Intro-DDP.mp3

03 M C Champion-DDP.mp3

04 Go 4 Yourz-DDP.mp3

05 Blast from the Past-DDP.mp3

06 Funk Radio-DDP.mp3

07 Message from the Boss-DDP.mp3

08 Pluckin Cards-DDP.mp3

09 Intermission-DDP.mp3

10 Stop Jockin Me-DDP.mp3

11 Dolly and the Rat Trap-DDP.mp3

12 The Old School-DDP.mp3

13 Bust the Facts-DDP.mp3

14 Murder and Homicide-DDP.mp3

15 You Aint Real-DDP.mp3

16 Make it Happen-DDP.mp3

17 I Like Your Style-DDP.mp3

18 Bi-Lingual Teaching-DDP.mp3

19 Poppa Large-DDP.mp3

20 Moe Love on the 1 and 2-DDP.mp3

21 Porno Star-DDP.mp3

22 The P.M.R.C. ID-DDP.mp3

23 Chorus Line Pt. 2-DDP.mp3

01 Beyond There the Postive Step-DDP.mp3

02 Mr. Dibbs B-Boys Revenge 96 Porkopolis Turntable Jazz-DDP.mp3

03 DJ Jeff Change the Scratch-DDP.mp3

04 DJ Format Vinyl Overdose-DDP.mp3

05 LF Peee Whos on the Turntables-DDP.mp3

06 Radar and Z-Trip Private Parts-DDP.mp3

07 Pepe Deluxe Call Me Goldfinger-DDP.mp3

08 Kid Koala Statics Waltz-DDP.mp3

09 DJ Ruthless Flat Chested-DDP.mp3

10 Tommy Tee Aerosoul-DDP.mp3

11 Roc Raida X-Men Style Beatz-DDP.mp3

12 Kool DJ E.Q. Hide Your Wrecords When We Come Through-DDP.mp3

13 DJ JS-One and DJ Spinbad Itchy Vinyl Session Part II-DDP.mp3

14 DJ Jimmie Jam Jimmies Jam-DDP.mp3

15 DJ Godfather on Da Flex-DDP.mp3

16 Z-Trip Rockstar-DDP.mp3

01 Anticon - Pity Party People.mp3

02 Josh Martinez - Abstract Art.mp3

03 Dose w Illogic - Blur.mp3

04 J Rawls w Dose n Fat Jon - Meniscus.mp3

05 Pedestrian - The Nature of Theater.mp3

06 Josh Martinez w Sole - Untitled.mp3

07 Sole - Auditions.mp3

08 Josh Martinez n Awol One - Women Loving Women.mp3

09 Restiform Bodies - 3rd Reel Judy Garland.mp3

10 Themselves - Thems My Peoples.mp3

11 Buck 65 - Pack Animal.mp3

12 Object Beings - Cannibalism Of The Object Beings.mp3

13 Gov Bolts w Buck 65 - Making Love To Your Disk Drive.mp3

14 Molemen w Sebutones - Games.mp3

15 TV n Banks, Why, Dose, WD4D - Carnival Creatures.mp3

16 Josh Martinez - Rainy Day.mp3

17 Anticon - Props 2000.mp3


















ice cube-01-the nigga ya love to hate-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-02-once upon a time in the projects-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-03-jackin for beats-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-04-steady mobbin-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-05-my summer vacation-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-06-it was a good day-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-07-check yo self (remix)-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-08-you know how we do it-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-09-what can i do (remix)-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-10-bop gun (one nation) (ft. george clinton)-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-11-bow down-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-12-we be clubbin-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-13-pushin weight-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-14-you can do it (ft. mack 10 ms. toi)-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-15-hello (ft. dr. dre mc ren)-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-16-in the late night hour-supermp3s.mp3

ice cube-17-100 dollar bill yall-supermp3s.mp3

01-louis logic-loud mouth-cms.mp3

02-louis logic-general principal (f. j-treds)-cms.mp3

03-louis logic-who the fuck are you-cms.mp3

04-louis logic-trinity (f. jedi mind tricks and l-fudge)-cms.mp3

05-louis logic-logistics 101-cms.mp3

06-louis logic-factotum-cms.mp3

07-louis logic-punchline-cms.mp3

08-louis logic-secret agent-cms.mp3

09-louis logic-service the target (f. grand agent)-cms.mp3

10-louis logic-planet rock (f. l-fudge)-cms.mp3



nas-03-got yourself a gun-rns.mp3

nas-04-everybodys crazy-rns.mp3

nas-05-youre the man-rns.mp3


nas-07-one mic-rns.mp3

nas-08-2nd childhood-rns.mp3

nas-09-destroy and rebuild-rns.mp3

nas-10-the flyest-rns.mp3

nas-11-braveheart party-rns.mp3


nas-13-my country-rns.mp3


nas-15-every ghetto (bonus)-rns.mp3

Rappagariya - Bakushin.mp3

Rappagariya - Bunka Isan.mp3

Rappagariya - Check 1 2.mp3

Rappagariya - Concrete Jungle.mp3

Rappagariya - Dairinin feat Butcher.mp3

Rappagariya - Do The Gariya Thing (DJ Watarai Remix).mp3

Rappagariya - Do The Gariya Thing.mp3

Rappagariya - Fighting Rhyming.mp3

Rappagariya - Here We Go.mp3

Rappagariya - Hougakukai.mp3

Rappagariya - I'm Q.mp3

Rappagariya - Intro.mp3

Rappagariya - Kikanjuu Rhyme.mp3

Rappagariya - Kobushi.mp3

Rappagariya - Kotobaasobi.mp3

Rappagariya - Make Money.mp3

Rappagariya - Manatsu No Party.mp3

Rappagariya - Nin No Isshou.mp3

Rappagariya - Otoko To Onna 2000.mp3

Rappagariya - Return Of Funky Grammar feat East End & Mellow Yellow.mp3

Rappagariya - Shichi-nin No Samurai.mp3

Rappagariya - Shinjidai.mp3

Rappagariya - Straight O.mp3

Rappagariya - Wild Style.mp3

Rappagariya - Yabasugiru Skill Part 2.mp3

Rappagariya - Yabasugiru Skill Part 3 feat Ark.mp3

Rappagariya - Yabasugiru Skill Part 4.mp3

Rappagariya - Yeah To Ie.mp3

01-dj storm-here for years-rns.mp3

02-dj static-my definition-rns.mp3

03-qbert-scroll of the wrist beam-rns.mp3

04-89 skratch gangstaz-lesson 89-rns.mp3

05-happe and dinoh-world domination 2001-rns.mp3

06-dj js-1 and dj spinbad-dangerous-rns.mp3

07-dj manifest feat mr thing-u.t.a. 2-rns.mp3

08-dj shortfuse-unpleasant thoughts-rns.mp3

09-slate-x marks the skratch-rns.mp3

10-dj prolifix-buenos dias bitch-rns.mp3

11-top rawmen-symphony 3000-rns.mp3

12-the wristerons-we are the ones-rns.mp3

13-dj t-rock-girlz dont give me none-rns.mp3

14-the animalz crew-schwicky-rns.mp3

15-e-jay and rocky-rock-music evolution-rns.mp3

royce da 59-01-its tuesday-rns.mp3

royce da 59-02-rock city-rns.mp3

royce da 59-03-getcha paper-rns.mp3

royce da 59-04-we live-rns.mp3

royce da 59-05-you cant touch me-rns.mp3

royce da 59-06-lets go-rns.mp3

royce da 59-07-d-elite part 1-rns.mp3

royce da 59-08-d-elite part 2-rns.mp3

royce da 59-09-shes the one-rns.mp3

royce da 59-10-boom-rns.mp3

royce da 59-11-what would you do-rns.mp3

royce da 59-12-who am i-rns.mp3

royce da 59-13-life-rns.mp3

royce da 59-14-my friend-rns.mp3

cd1-01-aphex twin-jynweythek ylow-ksi.mp3

cd1-02-aphex twin-vordhosbn-ksi.mp3

cd1-03-aphex twin-kladfvgbung micshk-ksi.mp3

cd1-04-aphex twin-omgyjya switch7-ksi.mp3

cd1-05-aphex twin-strotha tynhe-ksi.mp3

cd1-06-aphex twin-gwely mernans-ksi.mp3

cd1-07-aphex twin-bbydhyonchord-ksi.mp3

cd1-08-aphex twin-cock-ver10-ksi.mp3

cd1-09-aphex twin-avril 14th-ksi.mp3

cd1-10-aphex twin-mt saint michel mixst michaels mount-ksi.mp3

cd1-11-aphex twin-gwarek2-ksi.mp3

cd1-12-aphex twin-orban eq trx4-ksi.mp3

cd1-13-aphex twin-aussois-ksi.mp3

cd1-14-aphex twin-hy a scullyas lyf a dhagrow-ksi.mp3

cd1-15-aphex twin-kesson daslef-ksi.mp3

cd2-01-aphex twin-54 cymru beats-ksi.mp3

cd2-02-aphex twin-btoum roumada-ksi.mp3

cd2-03-aphex twin-lornaderek-ksi.mp3

cd2-04-aphex twin-plenty harmonium-ksi.mp3

cd2-05-aphex twin-meltphace 6-ksi.mp3

cd2-06-aphex twin-bit4-ksi.mp3

cd2-07-aphex twin-prep gwarlek 3b-ksi.mp3

cd2-08-aphex twin-father-ksi.mp3

cd2-09-aphex twin-taking control-ksi.mp3

cd2-10-aphex twin-petiatil cx htdui-ksi.mp3

cd2-11-aphex twin-ruglen holon-ksi.mp3

cd2-12-aphex twin-afx237 v7-ksi.mp3

cd2-13-aphex twin-ziggomatic v17-ksi.mp3

cd2-14-aphex twin-beskhu3epnm-ksi.mp3

cd2-15-aphex twin-nanou2-ksi.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 01 - Intro.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 02 - U Mean I'm Not.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 04 - Have U.N.E. Pull.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 05 - Strobelite Honey.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 06 - Are You Mad-.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 07 - The Choice Is Yours.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 08 - To Whom It May Concern.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 09 - Similak Child.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 10 - Try Counting Sheep.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 11 - Flavor Of The Month.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 12 - La Menage.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 13 - L.A.S.M..mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 14 - Gimme The Finga.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 15 - Hoes We Knows.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 16 - Go To Hail.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 17 - Black With N.V. (No Vision).mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 18 - Pass The 40.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 19 - Blunted.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 20 - For Doz That Slept.mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 21 - The Choice Is Yours (Revisited).mp3

Black Sheep - A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing - 22 - Yes.mp3

01blutengel - introduction.mp3

02blutengel - beauty of suffering.mp3

03blutengel - Goddess of lies.mp3

04blutengel - weg zu mir.mp3

05blutengel - das blut der ewigkeit.mp3

06blutengel - my time.mp3

08blutengel - du tanzt.mp3

09blutengel - leave the world.mp3

10blutengel - no god.mp3

11blutengel - warriors of destiny.mp3

12blutengel - suicide.mp3

13blutengel - demon of temptation.mp3

14blutengel - footworship.mp3

01-Drop The Bass- DJ Magic Mike & The Vicious Base.mp3

02-Booty Shake- Gucci Crew.mp3

03-Planet Rock- OPS.mp3

04-Boom! I Got Your Boyfriend- MC Luscious.mp3

05-Trans Europe Express- Old School Players.mp3

06-Dazzey Duks- Duice.mp3

07-Wild Thing- Tone Loc.mp3

08-Clear- Old School Players.mp3

09-Doo Doo Brown- Two Hyped Brothers.mp3

10-Bust A Move- Young MC.mp3

11-Turntable Terrorism- Bass 305.mp3

BU - 01 - Solutions.mp3

BU - 02 - Headful Of Ghosts.mp3

BU - 03 - The People That We Love.mp3

BU - 04 - Superman.mp3

BU - 05 - Fugitive.mp3

BU - 06 - Hurricane.mp3

BU - 07 - Inflatable.mp3

BU - 08 - Reasons.mp3

BU - 09 - Land Of The Living.mp3

BU - 10 - My Engine Is With You.mp3

BU - 11 - Out Of This World.mp3

BU - 12 - Float.mp3

busta rhymes-01-intro-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-02-everybody rise again-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-03-as i come back-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-04-shutem down 2002-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-05-genesis-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-06-betta stay up in your house-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-07-we got what you want-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-08-truck volume-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-09-pass the courvoisier ft. p. diddy-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-10-break ya neck-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-11-bounce (let me see ya throw it)-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-12-holla-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-13-wife in law ft. jaheim-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-14-ass on your shoulders ft. kokane-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-15-make it hurt-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-16-what it is ft. kelis-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-17-theres only one ft. mary j. blige-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-18-you aint fuckin with me-rage.mp3

busta rhymes-19-match the name with the voice-rage.mp3

01 - Bullets.mp3

02 - Freedom Fighter.mp3

03 - Whos Got My Back.mp3

04 - Signs.mp3

05 - One Last Breath.mp3

06 - My Sacrifice.mp3

07 - Stand Here With Me.mp3

08 - Weathered.mp3

09 - Hide.mp3

10 - Dont Stop Dancing.mp3

11 - Lullaby.mp3

cypress hill-01-intro.mp3

cypress hill-02-trouble.mp3

cypress hill-03-kronologik.mp3

cypress hill-04-southland killers.mp3

cypress hill-05-bitter.mp3

cypress hill-06-amplified.mp3

cypress hill-07-it aint easy.mp3

cypress hill-08-memories.mp3

cypress hill-09-psychodelic vision.mp3

cypress hill-10-red meth and bee.mp3

cypress hill-11-lowrider.mp3

cypress hill-12-catastrophe.mp3

cypress hill-13-l.i.f.e..mp3

cypress hill-14-here is something you cant understand.mp3

01 Die Lollipops - Hei Pippi Langstrumpf.mp3

02 Die Lollipops - Meine Oma fährt im Hühnerstall Motorrad.mp3

03 Die Lollipops - Eine Insel mit 2 Bergen.mp3

04 Die Lollipops - Hätt` ich Dich heut` erwartet.mp3

05 Die Lollipops - Bruder Jakob.mp3

06 Die Lollipops - Du da im Radio.mp3

07 Die Lollipops - Die Affen rasen durch den Wald.mp3

08 Die Lollipops - Pizza, Pommes und Spaghetti.mp3

09 Die Lollipops - Drei Chinesen mit dem Kontrabass.mp3

10 Die Lollipops - Auf der Mauer auf der Lauer.mp3

11 Die Lollipops - Pack die Badehose ein.mp3

12 Die Lollipops - La-Le-Lu.mp3

Dimension - Into A New World - 01 - C'min Up.mp3

Dimension - Into A New World - 02 - If I Only Knew.mp3

Dimension - Into A New World - 03 - Into a New World.mp3

Dimension - Into A New World - 04 - Forever.mp3

Dimension - Into A New World - 05 - Seabird.mp3

Dimension - Into A New World - 06 - Rise.mp3

Dimension - Into A New World - 07 - When You're Gone.mp3

Dimension - Into A New World - 08 - Mosaique.mp3

Dimension - Into A New World - 09 - Place.mp3

01 Bronchial Cleansing.mp3

03 Spitfire.mp3

04 Self Explanitory.mp3

05 Voluntary Passive Euthanasia.mp3

06 2 Ton Can of Wupass.mp3

07 As For Bias.mp3

08 That Ol Pagan Shit.mp3

09 Etherial Downtime.mp3

10 Neapolitan.mp3

11 Genres.mp3

01 - Intro.mp3

02 - 3000.mp3

03 - I Got To Tell You.mp3

04 - Earth People.mp3

05 - No Awareness.mp3

06 - Technical Difficulties.mp3

07 - General Hospital.mp3

08 - Blue Flowers.mp3

09 - A Visit To The Gynechologist.mp3

10 - Bear Witness.mp3

11 - Dr. Octagon.mp3

13 - I'm Destructive.mp3

14 - Wild And Crazy.mp3

15 - Elective Surgery.mp3

16 - On Production.mp3

Dr Octagon - 12 - Dr. Octagon.mp3

Dr Octagon - 17 - halfsharkalligatorhalfman.mp3

Dr Octagon - 18 - Blue Flowers Revisited.mp3

Dr Octagon - 19 - Waiting List.mp3

Dr Octagon - 20 - 1977.mp3

01 - Ultimos Homo Sapiens.mp3

02 - Angels Crying.mp3

03 - Here I Go Again.mp3

04 - Princes of Egypt.mp3

05 - Hold Your Horses.mp3

06 - I´m Flying.mp3

07 - Morning Light.mp3

08 - I´ll Always be Around.mp3

09 - Walk Away.mp3

10 - I´ll Find a Way.mp3

11 - So Far Away.mp3

12 - Angels Country.mp3

13 - Pop Preludium.mp3



eightball-03-no sellout feat koncrete-whoa.mp3

eightball-04-holla back feat carl thomas-whoa.mp3

eightball-05-live this-whoa.mp3

eightball-06-daddy feat mjg-whoa.mp3

eightball-07-4u feat clche-whoa.mp3

eightball-08-slab rider-whoa.mp3

eightball-09-stop playing games feat p-diddy-whoa.mp3

eightball-10-do you really feat mjg-whoa.mp3

eightball-11-2nite feat koncrete-whoa.mp3

eightball-12-witcha lookin feat ludacris-whoa.mp3


eightball-14-like dat-whoa.mp3

eightball-15-dont 4get feat dorasel and thor-whoa.mp3


02-What It Takes.mp3

03-Me VS Myself.mp3



06-Favorite Things Intro.mp3

07-Favorite Things.mp3

08-Check It Out.mp3




12-Dose One.mp3

13-Hate In A Puddle.mp3


15-Tale Of A Griot.mp3

16-Cinderella Complex.mp3

01 Elektrisches Roulette Ralf & Florian.mp3

02 Tongebirge Ralf & Florian.mp3

03 Kristalle Ralf & Florian.mp3

04 Heimatklange Ralf & Florian.mp3

05 Tanzmusik Ralf & Florian.mp3

06 Ananas Symphonie Ralf & Florian.mp3

01 Limpbizket New Old Songs- Nookie (The Neptunes Remix).mp3

02 Limpbizket New Old Songs- Take A Look Around (Timbaland Remix).mp3

03 Limpbizket New Old Songs- Break Stuff (Dj Lethal Remix).mp3

04 Limpbizket New Old Songs- My Way (P Diddy Remix).mp3

05 Limpbizket New Old Songs- Crushed (Bosko Remix).mp3

06 Limpbizket New Old Songs- N 2gether Now (The Neptunes Remix).mp3

07 Limpbizket New Old Songs- Rearranged (Timbaland Remix).mp3

08 Limpbizket New Old Songs- Getcha Groove On (Dj Premier Remix).mp3

09 Limpbizket New Old Songs- Faith-fame (Fred Durst & Josh Abraham Remix).mp3

10 Limpbizket New Old Songs- My Way (Dj Lethal Remix).mp3

11 Limpbizket New Old Songs- Nookie (Androids Vs. Las Putas Remix).mp3

12 Limpbizket New Old Songs- Counterfeit (Dj Lethal Remix).mp3

13 Limpbizket New Old Songs- Rollin' (Dj Monk-vs-the Track Mack Remix).mp3

14 Limpbizket New Old Songs- My Way (Dj Premier Remix).mp3

15 Limpbizket New Old Songs- My Way (William Orbit Remix).mp3

16 Limpbizket New Old Songs- My Way (The Dub Pistols Remix).mp3

ludacris-01-coming 2 america-rns.mp3

ludacris-02-rollout (my business)-rns.mp3

ludacris-03-go 2 sleep ft i-20 lil wilson 3-6 mafia-rns.mp3

ludacris-04-cry babies (oh no) ft scarface-rns.mp3

ludacris-05-she said ft fate wilson-rns.mp3

ludacris-06-howhere (skit)-rns.mp3

ludacris-07-area codes ft nate dogg-rns.mp3

ludacris-08-growing pains ft fate wilson keon bryce-rns.mp3

ludacris-09-greatest hits (skit)-rns.mp3

ludacris-10-move bitch ft mystikal i-20-rns.mp3

ludacris-11-stop lying (skit)-rns.mp3

ludacris-12-saturday (oooh oooh) ft sleepy brown-rns.mp3

ludacris-13-keep it on the hush ft jazze pha-rns.mp3

ludacris-14-word of mouf (freestyle) ft 4-ize-rns.mp3

ludacris-15-get the fuck back ft shawnna i-20 fate wilso-rns.mp3

ludacris-16-freaky thangs ft twista jagged edge-rns.mp3

ludacris-17-cold outside-rns.mp3

ludacris-18-bonus track block lockdown ft i-20-rns.mp3

Michael Jackson - 01 - unbreakable.mp3

Michael Jackson - 02 - heartbreaker - simplemp3s.mp3

Michael Jackson - 03 - Invincible.mp3

Michael Jackson - 04 - break of dawn - simplemp3s.mp3

Michael Jackson - 05 - Heaven Can Wait.mp3

Michael Jackson - 06 - you rock my world - simplemp3s.mp3

Michael Jackson - 07 - Butterflies.mp3

Michael Jackson - 08 - speechless - simplemp3s.mp3

Michael Jackson - 09 - 2000 watts.mp3

Michael Jackson - 10 - you are my life - simplemp3s.mp3

Michael Jackson - 11 - privacy - simplemp3s.mp3

Michael Jackson - 12 - dont walk away - simplemp3s.mp3

Michael Jackson - 13 - cry - simplemp3s.mp3

Michael Jackson - 14 - the lost children - simplemp3s.mp3

Michael Jackson - 15 - Whatever Happens.mp3

Michael Jackson - 16 - threatened - simplemp3s.mp3

michael jackson-01-dont stop till you get enough-rev.mp3

michael jackson-02-rock with you-rev.mp3

michael jackson-03-working day and night-rev.mp3

michael jackson-04-get on the floor-rev.mp3

michael jackson-05-off the wall-rev.mp3

michael jackson-06-girlfriend-rev.mp3

michael jackson-07-shes out of my life-rev.mp3

michael jackson-08-i cant help-rev.mp3

michael jackson-09-its the falling in love-rev.mp3

michael jackson-10-burn this disco out-rev.mp3

michael jackson-11-voiceover 1 quincy jones interview 1-rev.mp3

michael jackson-12-voiceover 2-rev.mp3

michael jackson-13-dont stop till you get enough (demo)-rev.mp3

michael jackson-14-quincy jones interview 2-rev.mp3

michael jackson-15-voiceover 3-rev.mp3

michael jackson-16-working day and night (demo)-rev.mp3

michael jackson-17-quincy jones interview 3-rev.mp3

michael jackson-18-voiceover 4 rod interview 1-rev.mp3

michael jackson-19-voiceover 5 quincy interview 4-rev.mp3

Michael Jackson - 01 - JAM.mp3

Michael Jackson - 02 - WHY YOU WANNA TRIP ON ME.mp3

Michael Jackson - 03 - IN THE CLOSET.mp3

Michael Jackson - 04 - SHE DRIVES ME WILD.mp3

Michael Jackson - 05 - REMEMBER THE TIME.mp3

Michael Jackson - 06 - CAN'T LET HER GET AWAY.mp3

Michael Jackson - 07 - HEAL THE WORLD.mp3

Michael Jackson - 08 - BLACK OR WHITE.mp3

Michael Jackson - 09 - WHO IS IT.mp3

Michael Jackson - 10 - GIVE IN TO ME.mp3

Michael Jackson - 11 - WILL YOU BE THERE.mp3

Michael Jackson - 12 - KEEP THE FAITH.mp3

Michael Jackson - 13 - GONE TOO SOON.mp3

Michael Jackson - 14 - DANGEROUS.mp3

01-[Non Phixion] 5 Boros clean.mp3

02-[Non Phixion] 5 Boros dirty.mp3

03-[Non Phixion] 5 Boros instrumental.mp3

04-[Non Phixion] 4 w's clean.mp3

05-[Non Phixion] 4 W's dirty.mp3

06-[Non Phixion] 4 W's instrumental.mp3

Paul van Dyk - The Politics of Dancing (Part 1).mp3

Paul van Dyk - The Politics of Dancing (Part 2).mp3

01 - Astronomy Domine.mp3

02 - See Emily Play.mp3

03 - The Happiest Days Of Our Lives.mp3

04 - Another Brick In The Wall (part 2).mp3

05 - Echoes.mp3

06 - Hey You.mp3

07 - Marooned.mp3

08 - The Great Gig In The Sky.mp3

09 - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The.mp3

10 - Money.mp3

11 - Keep Talking.mp3

12 - Sheep.mp3

13 - Sorrow.mp3

01 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (parts 1 - 7).mp3

02 - Time.mp3

03 - The Fletcher Memorial Home.mp3

04 - Comfortably Numb.mp3

05 - When The Tigers Broke Free.mp3

06 - One Of These Days.mp3

07 - Us And Them.mp3

08 - Learning To Fly.mp3

09 - Arnold Layne.mp3

10 - Wish You Were Here.mp3

11 - Jugband Blues.mp3

12 - High Hopes.mp3

13 - Bike.mp3

01-swollen members-intro-cms.mp3

02-swollen members-killing spree-cms.mp3

03-swollen members-full contact feat. evidence chali 2na-cms.mp3

04-swollen members-take it back feat. dj revolution-cms.mp3

05-swollen members-rpm feat. iriscience dj babu-cms.mp3

06-swollen members-bad dreams-cms.mp3

07-swollen members-camouflage feat. dj revolution-cms.mp3

08-swollen members-pokerface feat. buc fifty-cms.mp3

09-swollen members-deep end-cms.mp3

10-swollen members-anthrax island-cms.mp3

11-swollen members-snake bite feat. rattlesnake jones ch-cms.mp3

12-swollen members-total package feat. planet asia dj re-cms.mp3

13-swollen members-the reflection-cms.mp3

14-swollen members-ventilate feat. dj babu-cms.mp3

15-swollen members-burns and scars feat. son doobie-cms.mp3

16-swollen members-dark riders feat. buc fifty-cms.mp3

17-swollen members-fuel injected feat. moka only-cms.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 01 Experience dedication.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 02 Move Somethin.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 03 Some Kind Of Wonderful.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 04 The Blast (feat Vinia Mojica).mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 05 This Means You (feat Mos Def).mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 06 Too Late (feat Res).mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 07 - Memories Live.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 09 Down For The Count.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 10 Name Of The Game.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 11 Ghetto Afterlife (feat Kool G Rap).mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 12 On My Way.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 13 Love Language (feat Les Nubians).mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 14 Love Speakeasy.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 15 Soul Rebels.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 16 Eternalists.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 17 Big Nel From Da Natti.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 18 Touch You.mp3

Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek - 19 Good Mourning.mp3

01-Party Time Bass (Outlaw Science Mix).mp3

02-Hypnotic Virtual Bass Reality (Slow Bass) (Ultimate Low Frequency Test ).mp3

03-Bass Fusion (Euroslow Bass) (Giant Steps Mix).mp3

04-Silicon Bass (Sub Sonic Transducer SPL Test).mp3

05-Cyberbass (Slow Bass) (Ultra Low Version).mp3

06-Prelude To Sci-Fi Bass (Transduucer Destruction).mp3

07-Dj You Can Scratch (Turntable Massacre).mp3

08-Brave New World (Progressive Post Modern Bass).mp3

09-Scratchin' So Nice!!! (Vinyl Explosion).mp3

10-Reaching Out (Fuse Annihilator).mp3

11-Bass Syndicate Trance (Put The Needle On The Record).mp3

12-Stereo Three Dimensioal Test (Audio Experiment).mp3

13-Bass Games (SFX Version).mp3

14-Bass-Red Alert!!! (Emergency 12 Volt Attack).mp3

15-Bass Epidmic (Euro Bass Remix).mp3

16-Slow Sci-Fi Finale (Sliding Bass FX Number 305).mp3

the popper-01-intro-cr.mp3

the popper-02-the p.o.p.p.e.r.-cr.mp3

the popper-03-thats that shit-cr.mp3

the popper-04-society wonders-cr.mp3

the popper-05-in the summer feat. agginy-cr.mp3

the popper-06-the tuning point-cr.mp3

the popper-07-in out my life-cr.mp3

the popper-08-up in the party-cr.mp3

the popper-09-midtro test yo town 97-cr.mp3

the popper-10-death or the 5-0 feat. the phi-cr.mp3

the popper-11-lost a lot a bros.-cr.mp3

the popper-12-how it went-cr.mp3

the popper-13-nationwide mouthpiece-cr.mp3

the popper-14-thoughts of makin it feat. ssa-cr.mp3

the popper-15-town to town (screwed up)-cr.mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 01 - Schiller - Das Glockenspiel [DJ Tiesto Remix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 02 - Jan Johnston - Flesh [Tilt's Going Home Mix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 03 - Push - Strange World [2000 Remake].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 04 - Mario Piu Pres. DJ Arabesque - The Vision [Vision 1Mix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 05 - Tenth Planet - Ghosts [Original Mix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 06 - Marc Et Claude - Loving You [Ratty Remix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 07 - Joshua Ryan - Pistol Whip [Original Mix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 08 - Cosmic Gate - Firewire [DJ Scot Project].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 09 - Norman Bass - How U Like Bass [Tauberts Remix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 10 - Warrior - Voodoo [Dubsy Mix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 11 - Slusnik Luna - Sun [Original Mix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 12 - The Thrillseekers Feat. Sheryl Deane - Synaesthesia (Fly Away) [The Thrillseekers Club Mix] .mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 13 - Johan Gielen Pres. Abnea - Velvet Moods [DJ Ti Sto Remix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 14 - Gouryella - Tenshi [Original Mix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 15 - Kamaya Painters - Wasteland [Original Mix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 16 - Xstasia - Sweetness [Moogwai Remix].mp3

Trance Nation 2001 [CD1] - 17 - Apex - Virtuoso [John Johnson Remix].mp3

01 - Stiff Upper Lip.mp3

02 - Meltdown.mp3

03 - House Of Jazz.mp3

04 - Hold Me Back.mp3

05 - Safe In New York City.mp3

06 - Can't Stand Still.mp3

07 - Can't Stop Rock 'N' Roll.mp3

08 - Satellite Blues.mp3

09 - Damned.mp3

10 - Come And Get It.mp3

11 - All Screwed Up.mp3

12 - Give It Up.mp3

01 - Compay Segundo - Ahora Me Da Pena.mp3

02 - Ray Baretto - Indestructible.mp3

03 - Tito Puente - Oye Como Va.mp3

04 - Ediie Palmieri - Cafe.mp3

05 - Gilberto Gil - Roda.mp3

06 - Astrud gilberto - The Girl From Ipanema.mp3

07 - Celia cruz - Cachunga.mp3

08 - Antonia Carlos Jobim - Incerteza.mp3

09 - Maria Bethania - Anos Dourados.mp3

10 - Joao Bosco - O Bedado.mp3

11 - Caetano Veloso - Samba Em Praz.mp3

12 - Trio Matramoros - Lagrima Negras.mp3

13 - Orlando Morais - Futebol.mp3

14 - Claudia - Mas Que Nada.mp3

15 - Sonora del Sol - El Carretero.mp3

16 - Orchestro baretto - Si Te Vas.mp3

17 - Willie Colon - Che Che Cole.mp3

18 - Adalberto Alvarez - Mi Veneracion.mp3

19 - Ismael Rivera - El Negro Bembon.mp3

20 - Ruben Blades - Para Ser Rumbero.mp3

21 - Manu Dibango - Soul Makossa.mp3

22 - La Lupe - Fever.mp3

23 - Fania All Stars - Mama Guela.mp3

24 - Ng La Bamba - No Te Compliques.mp3

25 - Los Van Van - Que Palo Es Ese.mp3

01-cannibal ox-the f word (original clean)-ego.mp3

02-cannibal ox-the f word (remix clean)-ego.mp3

03-cannibal ox-lifes ill (dirty)-ego.mp3

04-cannibal ox-metal gear-ego.mp3

05-cannibal ox-the f word (original instrumental)-ego.mp3

06-cannibal ox-the f word (remix instrumental)-ego.mp3

07-cannibal ox-lifes ill (instrumental)-ego.mp3

08-cannibal ox-the f word (original dirty)-ego.mp3

09-cannibal ox-the f word (remix dirty)-ego.mp3


02-checkmate-welcome to the game-ego.mp3

03-checkmate-respect it-ego.mp3

04-checkmate-would you die-ego.mp3

05-checkmate-live interlude-ego.mp3

06-checkmate-defenders of the faith (feat concise)-ego.mp3

07-checkmate-some and others-ego.mp3

08-checkmate-these days and times (feat concise)-ego.mp3

10-checkmate-rap session (feat red-one)-ego.mp3

11-checkmate-interlude 2 (feat the mole of soul)-ego.mp3

12-checkmate-the devil vs the maker-ego.mp3

13-checkmate-dip divin and socializin (feat concise)-ego.mp3

14-checkmate-vansterdamn interlude-ego.mp3

15-checkmate-tale of the temptress part 1-ego.mp3


17-checkmate-night vision (feat frankenstein and conise)-ego.mp3

18-checkmate-bait and switch (money and music)-ego.mp3


01-rude awakening-cms.mp3

02-what you got-cms.mp3





07-that would be me-cms.mp3

08-last laugh feat. b real-cms.mp3

09-let em live feat. kool g. rap-cms.mp3

10-interlude (baby momma)-cms.mp3

11-sorry feat. shaunta-cms.mp3

12-chino xl-cms.mp3

13-chinophone part 1-cms.mp3

14-you dont want it-cms.mp3

15-chinophone part 2-cms.mp3

16-i told you so-cms.mp3

17-dont say a word-cms.mp3

18-chino fans-cms.mp3

19-its my world-cms.mp3

20-ass-in-an-instant feat. maryanne-cms.mp3

21-chianardo di caprio-cms.mp3

22-outro (latisha)-cms.mp3

23-bonus track-cms.mp3

24-be here-cms.mp3

01-live on stage-cms.mp3

02-worst comes to worst-cms.mp3

03-clock work-cms.mp3

04-trade money-cms.mp3

05-heavy rotation (ft tha liks)-cms.mp3

06-self defense-cms.mp3

07-phil da agony interlude-cms.mp3

08-proper propaganda-cms.mp3

09-dilated junkies-cms.mp3


11-pay attention-cms.mp3

12-night life-cms.mp3


14-hardhitters (ft black thought)-cms.mp3

15-defari interlude-cms.mp3

16-expansion team theme-cms.mp3

01-ja rule ft case-livin it-rev.mp3

02-dmx-good girls bad guys-rev.mp3

03-ja rule ft vita-fuck you-rev.mp3

04-dmx-party up-rev.mp3

05-ja rule ft vita-we murders baby-rev.mp3

06-dmx-do you-rev.mp3

07-ja rule-between me and you-rev.mp3

08-dmx-no sunshine-rev.mp3

09-ja rule ft lil mo-i cry-rev.mp3


11-ja rule ft j-lo-im real remix-rev.mp3

12-dmx ft sisquo-what these bitches want-rev.mp3

13-ja rule ft missy-ectasy-rev.mp3

14-dmx-you could be blind-rev.mp3

01-get on it-ftd.mp3

02-adverse-i will-ftd.mp3

03-j-zone-the smurf syndrome-ftd.mp3

04-edan-run that shit-ftd.mp3

05-mr. lif and del-360-ftd.mp3

06-dj zeph and azeem-the movement-ftd.mp3


08-sage francis-climb trees-ftd.mp3

09-xual zan-not what i am-ftd.mp3

10-play scratch-ftd.mp3

11-h brycon-jesus baby-ftd.mp3

12-aesop rock-coma-ftd.mp3

13-grand buffet-sick shit-ftd.mp3

14-atmosphere-between the lines-ftd.mp3

15-qwel-the manhatten project-ftd.mp3


17-adeem and shalem-showing off-ftd.mp3

18-eyedea and abilities-big shots-ftd.mp3


20-low pressure-whats on my mind-ftd.mp3

01-el da sensei-el da sensei intro-cms.mp3

02-el da sensei-flexi wit da tech-cms.mp3

03-el da sensei-attack of the new jerusalem-cms.mp3

04-el da sensei-instrumental-cms.mp3

05-el da sensei-cummin thru ya block-cms.mp3

06-el da sensei-heavy ammunition-cms.mp3

07-el da sensei-way back-cms.mp3

08-el da sensei-wrong side of the tracks-cms.mp3

09-el da sensei-dynamite soul (album version)-cms.mp3

10-el da sensei-instrumental-cms.mp3

11-el da sensei-what what-cms.mp3

12-el da sensei-brick city kids-cms.mp3

13-el da sensei-haagen daz (copenhagen mix)-cms.mp3

14-el da sensei-instrumental-cms.mp3

15-el da sensei-art of facts-cms.mp3

16-el da sensei-break it down-cms.mp3

17-el da sensei-where yo skillz at-cms.mp3

18-el da sensei-instrumental-cms.mp3

19-el da sensei-whos this-cms.mp3

20-el da sensei-this is the way-cms.mp3

21-el da sensei-ultimate (mixed by showbiz)-cms.mp3

22-el da sensei-frontline-cms.mp3

23-el da sensei-all rise-cms.mp3

24-el da sensei-brothas aint got it 1-cms.mp3

25-el da sensei-brothas aint got it 2-cms.mp3

26-el da sensei-the music (creators)-cms.mp3

27-el da sensei-got dat-cms.mp3

28-el da sensei-live shit-cms.mp3

29-el da sensei-keep it live-cms.mp3

30-el da sensei-brainwash-cms.mp3

31-el da sensei-under pressure-cms.mp3

32-el da sensei-where ya at-cms.mp3

33-el da sensei-so easily (unreleased track)-cms.mp3



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some of its garbage.. my mp3's its not much, only around 23 gigs..im gettin a new 100 gig hd soon so that will be fixed.

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if anyone wants, feel free to IM me , if your nice maybe ill let you leech off a speedy 1mbit upstream. dsl+ users need only apply.

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Guest Handjob

sometimes I borrow Lou Reed's "Transformer" album

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