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  1. Jesus Christ...Whoever is doing those FBR spell-outs needs to learn to spell.
  2. Ya'll should handle some shit or whatever.
  3. Now there's a huge yellow rectangle there. Dude looked so bummed painting over it.
  4. These guys have been doing some of the most solid, cool, and straight up Good graffiti for the longest time. Radical shit.
  5. New Yors! Awesome. Some really good stuff being painted in the last few years. Almost motivational.
  6. Someone I just thought about recently: Anyone remember that guy Logik? Man...That lobster/clown/octopus on the big wall in 5 points was the funniest thing ever. That wall is rad, Fortress. Always cool stuff over there.
  7. Haha. Just wait...I've got some super funny stuff in these stacks.
  8. There's just so many more people that were doing rad things that I wish I had pictures of. And the 2002-2005 graff explosion that happened again when a lot of young people started going nuts...I don't have any of that.
  9. Seek. I never met the guy but always thought his stuff was awesome. Used to catch his trains in the weirdest places, too. Mug! Zane in the stripmine yard, 99. Mug! I thought this was the coolest fill for the longest time. Clear in 99. Clear again. I wish I could find pictures of Asher's 2-d stuff. This'll have to do. 2000, I think.
  10. Crushhhhhhhhhhed Jacksonville. Also, R.I.P. Pic-N-Save. Kes is always awesome. When he'd see me out, he'd make fun of me by talking to me like I was some surfer. This was at the 5 points jam in late 99, I think. One punched Scott Beatle! haha! Too much! Raze in 2000. Another Rezen that is still good to this day. Same jam as the Kes, I think. This was the first Heven piece I ever saw. "666 flying pancakes." Thinking early 99.
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